If you have met with an auto accident without any fault of yours and suffering from minor or major injuries or have been suffering the tragedy of losing a loved one, it is important for you to determine how long you should take to file the auto accident settlement. Every state has a different statute of limitations which says about the deadline of filing the claim for auto accident compensation. If you are from Colorado, the Colorado statute of limitations provides you two years to file the claim exclusively for non-fatal injuries. If you do not file within the deadline you may lose the settlement which could land you and your family with drastic financial consequences. Therefore, you need to immediately consult with an experienced auto accident claim lawyer such as Grand Junction Auto Accident Lawyer in order to process your claim much before the deadline of the statute of limitations.

There are different types of claims as well as different rules and regulation in the procedure of auto accident and other types of claims. For example, when it comes to medical malpractice claims, you need to use some additional rules. Similarly, the “discovery rule” refers to two years from the time you learnt about your injury to claim for the compensation. However, the Colorado statute of limitations offers a special three years deadline to file auto accident claims. But for auto accident wrongful death claims, the Colorado statute of limitations allows two years deadline for claiming the compensation.

If in the case, your deadline in the statute of limitation got expired, the party that is responsible for the death of your loved one or for your injury may use this as defence opportunity for liability. However, you can make use of other various exceptions which are in the Colorado statute of limitations to make a claim still possible by the help of an experienced auto accident lawyer.