And Can They Really Give Me Fast Approval For Car Finance?

That’s it! You’ve had it with used car dealerships wasting your time. All you want is a quality used car for your daily drive, but traditional car dealerships keep turning you down because of past mistakes with your credit. Don’t give up and don’t go back to a traditional used car dealership.

Instead, take a look at buy here pay here dealerships, where they have the car financing you need and the vehicles you want. So, what are buy here, pay here dealerships? Read our quick guide on these fascinating car dealerships and how you can finally get approved for car finance. 

A Quick History on Buy Here, Pay Here Dealerships

In the 1970s, the United States shifted from being a manufacturing-based economy to be a service-based economy. In the process, many Americans lost their jobs and were forced to find an alternative career path. As people ventured out into their new jobs, their credit hit a few bumps in the road.

Along with political turmoil, this threw the U.S. into a huge savings and loan crisis. Hard-working Americans were getting denied by big banks across the country for things like home and auto loans. Even though many people could afford to make their monthly payments, all the banks saw was their credit report.

The denial of credit approval across the United States left used car lots with a ton of inventory they couldn’t sell. Finally, after watching their cars sit on the lot and the average American getting denied time and time again for credit approval, buy here, pay here dealerships stepped up to save the day.

Buy Your Car Here and Pay for Your Car Here – It’s That Simple

When Americans couldn’t get behind the wheel of a quality vehicle in the 70s because of minor issues in their credit history, buy here, pay here starting offering in-house credit that looked at the person and not their financial past.

Many people recovered from losing their job, and had already found a new one to pay the bills. They could easily afford to make their monthly car payments, which meant that buy here, pay here dealerships saw no reason they couldn’t be approved for financing. That’s when they started offering in-house financing.

Shopping and paying for a used car became a simple and enjoyable experience. Gone were the days of nervously waiting for the bank to approve your credit, and Americans everywhere celebrated by driving home in buy here, pay here used cars. 

As long as they had the income to make their regular payments, they were approved for car finance.

Modern Buy Here, Pay Here Dealerships Still Hold the Same Values

Not much has changed in buy here, pay here car financing, other than approval has become even faster. Many buy here, pay here dealerships only require a valid driver’s license, proof of residency, and a current paycheck stub to approve your car financing. In fact, some dealerships can approve you within a little as thirty minutes.

That means you could test drive, finance, and take home your nearly new vehicle over your lunch break. 

Payments on buy here, pay here vehicles are easy, too. Most dealerships allow you to pay on the phone, online, or in-person. Most buy here, pay here dealerships are small and local, which means you’re likely to see a familiar-face when you stop by to make your payment, whether it be a fellow customer or a friendly salesperson.

You Still Have Your Pick of Used Cars

Unlike traditional used car dealerships, buy here, pay here dealerships aren’t restricted by brands or the age of a used vehicle. As long as a pre-owned vehicle passes a meticulous, multi-point inspection to insure your safety and happiness, it’s ready to be sold. 

From Ford to Honda, you can find the brand you want at a buy here, pay here dealership. Plus, many dealerships have incredible relationships with auto vendors and other used car dealerships across the country, which means if your dealership doesn’t have the car you’re looking for, they can most likely find it somewhere else, and contact you as soon as it arrives on their lot.

Combine the inventory of a buy here, pay here dealership with their fast and easy financing, and you can’t go wrong when you’re behind the wheel of one of their used cars. 

Buy Here, Pay Here Dealerships Have Cars You Can Actually Afford

Above all else, buy here, pay here car dealerships have quality cars you can actually afford. The average price of a new car is well over $30,000. This puts the idea of owning a brand-new car out of reach for most Americans. Buy here, pay here dealerships have gorgeous, nearly new cars that anyone would be proud to drive.