Officers throughout the country are conducting the “Smog” campaign. Interestingly, the police emphasizes that this time it will not be interested only in what comes out of the vehicle’s exhaust pipes.

Of course, the watchful eye of the police is primarily targeting diesels. And it’s the older ones. Owners of diesel cars must be afraid of control if the injection system malfunctions, the exhaust system has already passed the best times, or the engine has undergone poor professional chip tuning. When it comes to petrol cars, cars that have been removed from the catalytic converter or those in which the lambda probe is malfunctioning are at risk. This is why the process of smog check happens to be a very important one.

The driver who is caught will lose his registration card. Although currently in Poland you do not have to carry it with you, the policeman makes an entry in the Central Register of Vehicles on the spot. It has the same effect as the physical receipt of a document. Motorists must repair the defect, order a diagnostic check and submit a certificate at the office. Repair, however, can cost a lot. In the case of an injection system, even several thousand zlotys.

It is part of the “Smog” campaign, 5,000 Police officers control the quality of exhaust gases and the general technical condition of vehicles. If you stop the registration certificate, the car cannot be started. You have to tow them away from the place of control. Road transport is one of the two main sources of air pollution, which is the cause of up to 50,000 deaths annually.

Another proof of the relationship between autism and smog

The main direction of our activities is to reduce the emission of harmful exhaust gases, but in addition to that, policemen performing technical condition control will pay attention to other technical defects that affect the ecology informed the police.

  • The officer added that the controls include, among others tightness of the exhaust system, leaks of operating fluids. The policemen also check the steering, braking and lighting systems. 
  • As the officers pointed out, drivers who drive cars that do not meet the standards have to reckon with the mandate and retain the registration certificate. 
  • When the reason for stopping the registration certificate is violation of environmental protection standards, the engine cannot be restarted. The vehicle must be towed from the place of inspection.
  • “Smog” shares are planned once a month. The policemen during the inspection use opacimeters (devices used to measure the quality of exhaust in cars with diesel engines) and exhaust gas analyzers (used both in Diesel engines and in gasoline engines). 

The police currently have about one hundred such devices. As police officers emphasize, the officer can stop the registration document also when there is no device for measuring the quality of exhaust gases.

Interestingly, this time the police inform that the officers on the road officers during the action “Smog” will also look at the behavior of the managers. For the indulgence, they do not have to count the drivers who pose a threat by driving too fast, not taking priority over pedestrians at the crossing or extorting the right of way.

During today’s action, you can receive a salty mandate, and also lose your registration certificate. Throughout 2019, as part of the “Smog” campaign, the police detained 6,000 documents.