NCWC Inc. is a global leader in Consumer Service Agreements. Based in New Jersey, the company is headed by CEO Michael Shaftel and a group of highly-dedicated team leaders. With years of extensive industry experience, NCWC Inc. offers a range of automotive coverage plans for new and existing drivers. This included choice plans for engine and powertrain coverage, along with extended service plans to meet customer needs within time and budget. 

The company also has a branch office in Cebu City, Philippines. This is part of NCWC’s international expansion which brings high-quality service agreements to new drivers in different countries. NCWC Inc. Philippine Branch continues to grow and expand by aligning clients with the best service plans at cost-effective rates. NCWC Inc. Cebu City continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. With customizable coverage plans and sound marketing programs, these services help customers find the best automotive extended service plans to achieve desired results.

The USA and Philippine teams provide customers with a full range of automotive coverage choices. These are accentuated by various price-points which help maximize sales and close more deals. NCWC Inc. also has openings for folks looking for a profitable and enriching career. They even partner with other coverage brands and providers, along with solving problems in a timely and effective manner. With so many emerging markets demanding these services, NCWC Inc remains at the forefront of the automotive coverage industry.

The company has expanded both its customer and agent base in the last few years. In fact, they have a strong online presence and their services are reflected across a range of social platforms. NCWC continues to expand its services across multiple platforms, sectors, and industries. With a full range of verticals and auto coverage plans, the Philippines branch is helping to promote NCWC’s international reach and global market share. As an innovative and growing company, NCWC is committed to excellence in providing cost-affordable coverage for all types of vehicles. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Vintage and older vehicles.
  • New cars, trucks, SUVs, green vehicles and more.
  • Coverage for older cars that are no longer in production.
  • Sounds coverage plans for new and existing customers, along with great business plans for investors and partner opportunities.

NCWC Inc Reviews

From Ocean Township, New Jersey to Cebu City, Philippines, NCWC Inc. continues to receive great reviews from customers and employees alike. In fact, the company is considered an industry leader in affordable comprehensive coverage plans. With fully trained and dedicated representatives, customers are able to find the right plans to meet all their needs. This included vehicle maintenance, parts replacements, components repairs, and even vehicle towing services. 

These automotive coverage plans offer bumper-to-bumper protection for most vehicles. However, customers do have several plans to choose from which best correlate with their vehicles and needs. From claims processing to coverage benefits, NCWC Inc. Cebu Branch is dedicated to protecting drivers and their loved ones with sound, effective plans. 

Employee Benefits

Many NCWC employees have chimed in on the benefits of working for this great company. The Cebu City Branch is particularly thankful for the number of agents and providers that have joined the team. These fully trained service personnel assist customers with car rentals, towing charges, servicing, and basic to extended automobile coverage plans. They also stay abreast of all the latest automotive industry trends and developments. This allows them to offer real-time services for clients; even those with older cars that cannot find affordable coverage options.

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