It may take months of meticulous planning, but basically there are only three things you need to ensure an incredible road journey: the right vehicle, the right highway and the right companion. Here’s how to choose your road trip’s right vehicle – the remainder is up to you.

Car size

There’s no point in employing a two-seater convertible if you’re going on a family vacation–no matter how tempted you’re to leave the children at the airport after a stressful flight. So make sure your hire car has enough seats for anyone who is going to travel (passenger sitting on the knees is never an alternative, even for really tiny kids).

 If you book your vehicle online, it should demonstrate precisely how many seats the vehicle has–for instance, smaller vehicles tend to only have two seats in the back, while bigger vehicles will have three. If you have passengers in the back, a vehicle with at least four gates should be booked so that everyone can readily get in and out.

Boot space

Consider how much boot room you will need, bearing in mind that the luggage of all will have to fit in the trunk as roof bars and boxes are rarely, if ever, an alternative when hiring a vehicle. If you’re hiking, the only exception is – you can rent a Cab in Ahmedabad with a ski rack. It’s also not a good idea to leave your luggage on the back seats, as it can attract thieves and compromise your travel insurance.


While it is certainly tempting to hit the open highway in a V8 gas-guzzler, you may not want to blow half of your holiday budget on gas. Working on the premise that smaller vehicles are usually more fuel-efficient, map how far you’re going to travel, then approximately calculate how much fuel this will use in your favorite sort of vehicle.

On the rental counter, specific models cannot be guaranteed, so believe instead of the vehicle class, such as compact, economical, luxurious, SUV, etc. Also maintain an eye out for the fuel policy of the rental vehicle company, the most prevalent and often the best option is a’ full-to-full’ fuel policy, particularly for road-trippers.


If you are used to riding a vehicle with automatic gears / transmission and want to stick to what you are acquainted with, look for the sort of gears that each vehicle will have when you book. When selecting your rental vehicle, especially if you are traveling to a nation where most vehicles are equipped with manual gears / transmission. 

Price range

It can be very tempting to upgrade to the larger or faster model, especially if it looks like it doesn’t contribute much to the general price. But that little extra every day can add up quickly over the course of a car hire worth one, two or three weeks. And then there’s the added cost of fuel, greater security deposit, and greater excesses that come with larger vehicles.

Once you have selected a model that ticks all your boxes comfortably, at the rental counter, you can gladly withstand difficult selling and stick to your budget. It is a good idea to check on the sites like