With the growth of violence in the world today, the armored car has become synonymous with more security for people, which is why there is an increase in the number of people using it today. You can also check out some armored car for sale at Troy Armoring.

However, the maintenance of your armored glass lengthens its useful life and guarantees the safety of those you love most. Armored glasses are one of the best alternatives in terms of security. Knowing how armored glass is made allows us to intuit the best ways to take care of it, just as he takes care of us.

#1: Paying more attention to your bulletproof glass is important

As a matter of fact, the preservation of your armored glasses grossly depends on small actions that will help your glasses to be effective at the time they are required. The better the quality of the products we use, the better results will result. So when you are cleaning, make sure you are using quality products. Harsh chemicals will only harm them and make them serve lesser time.

#2: Keep your glasses clean inside and out

The external part can be cleaned with soap and water or glass cleaning products. For the internal part, we recommend using a clean, damp cloth.

#3: Use alcohol for difficult spots

To remove dirt from your armored glass, use a clean cloth moistened in a solution of alcohol and water in equal parts. That will help you better clean some difficult spots that needed to be cleaned.

#4: Remove sharp objects from the glasses

They can scratch or harm the surface of the glass, and these marks could be irreversible. Also, never place decals on it because they can damage the polycarbonate layer of the glass. It’s very important you take note of this.

#5: Avoid using suction cups

It is the tradition of many people to use suction cups when cleaning their armored glasses. But this is not recommended. The suction force caused by the suction cups on the armored glass can affect the lamination of the same.

#6: Try to park your car in the shade

The sun’s rays cause the laminated polycarbonate to expand and detach from the glass. So always park your car somewhere where there is a shade to prevent the sun’s rays from reaching it.

These are the tips to help you properly maintain your armored glasses. Taking note of them and putting them into practice will help extend the lives of your glasses and make them serve you longer.