When a car crosses its first milestone as mentioned by the manufacturer, it now needs its regular maintenance servicing to be done. if your car has crossed this milestone, and you have experienced how it all goes, you must have been told to change the oil and filters of the car as well along with the motor oil.

If you wonder why, then here are the answers that we got to learn from the technicians whom we consulted at the Eagle oil change service center.

Necessity to Change the Motor Oil

It is the motor oil that plays the role of blood in the systems of a vehicle. If the oil gets dried up, thickened up or get too contaminated, it will lose its usual free flowing movement, and won’t serve its actual purpose.

In other words, the function of the motor oil is to create a barrier of protection between all the metal parts of the engine that are located in close proximity to each other. Without the oil passing between them, they would start have friction while moving and as a result heat up the engine as the car keeps moving.

This functionality of lubrication which is served by the engine oil gets hampered when it dries up after certain level of usage, or if it collects too much of dust and debris from the external atmosphere. But both these conditions are inevitable, as the car will always keep collecting dust and debris when it drives through open roads and highways.

So, the only way to maintain the natural lubrication level, is to keep changing the oil in regular intervals, as prescribed by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual.

Necessity to Change the Oil Filter

It is a common practice in the arena of car maintenance to replace the oil filter when  it is time to change the engine oil. It makes sense because it is the oil filter that is installed at the mouth of the oil tank to protect the chamber of oil from the dust and debris that the car inhales from outside. The necessity to change the oil is reason enough to change the filter because all the contamination that took place is because of a worn out, ineffective oil filter which has no more capacity to hold back the dust and debris from reaching the oil chamber.

The mechanics whom we consulted for an oil change near Eagle showed us how after certain age and usage the oil filter becomes overly dirty and loses its functionality. So, no wonder that the mechanics who will perform the oil change servicing to a car will suggest the replacement of the oil filter as well, hence, without a fresh oil filter, the fresh engine oil will take no time to get contaminated again.

Wrapping it Up

If you are one of those car owners who love to take care of their car themselves, and is also eager to save those expenses, you must follow the same rule of changing the oil filter while changing the engine oil.