Even though the brand Genesis is recognized and associated with luxury and its related benefits, every model from this automaker actually excels in every aspect that makes the car counted in the top most list. Moreover, Genesis as a luxury wing of Hyundai understands better than many other brands, that luxury can only come after you are done with the basics. And the basic element that makes a car running, comforting and luxurious, is safety. People can afford to feel the and enjoy the luxurious features, only when they feel safe, and don’t need to worry about things when they are on the move. The 2019 edition of the luxury sedan model G80 from Hyundai Genesis proved this when it got selected as a Top Safety Pick of the year by the IIHS. Even the NHTSA shared the same opinion by rating it a five star for its safety standards.

When we saw the announcement at the Wayne Genesis dealer showroom, we couldn’t wait to know more about it. The expert team serving there were all praise about the 2019 G80 sedan while they showed us the safety features that brought this Luxury Sedan this prestigious award. If you are curious too, take a look at these features noted below:

LED Headlights

Currently when we see the specs of any vehicle boasting about the LED lights, we might be wondering, what is so special about this. But the safety standards created by the international institutions like IIHS an NHTSA do emphasize the importance of LED lighting as a part of major safety standard, as these lights do increase the visibility aspect for the driver and now it has been made compulsory for vehicles that run on twin-turbo V-6 or the V-8 to have these lights. The 2019 Genesis G80 scored higher by both these institutional tests and for this a lot of credit goes to the LED lighting that this sedan has installed in it.

Collision-Avoidance Tech

These stellar safety scores achieved by the 2019 Genesis G80 also indicate that the vehicle has maintained the standard of collision-avoidance tech really well, and that helped the model to become one of the mostsafe choices of the 2019 lineup of luxury sedans. So, in the 2019 G80 you get the following collision-avoidance tech

Smart Cruise Control

The Smart cruise control (SCC) compels the driver not to exceed the set speed limit. Besides this, you fill find a radar at the front of the car monitors that is responsible for automatically maintaining the distance between the vehicles at the front. For this it doesn’t require any manipulations from the driver.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

With the help of the same front radar and the Lane keeping assist system (LKAS) with the help of the front camera the Autonomous Emergency Braking system alerts the driver while preventing collisions automatically by applying the brakes on his behalf.

9 Airbag System

9 airbags strategically placed across the G80 cabin protect both the driver and the passengers from the intensity of collision impact.

Other Safety Features

At the Wayne Genesis we also explored other safety features likeadaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, active lane control, and blind-spot monitors added those extra points to make the 2019 G80 score the best in safety records.