The commonly used type of wheelchairs is:

  • Manual wheelchairs: As their name suggests, these chairs provide mobility by manual impulse, being the most used chairs. They are usually light chairs and can choose from a vast repertoire of accessories for a complete adaptation with the user. Also, they tend to be foldable.

Within this type of wheelchair, some are self-propelled and those that are not. Self-propellers are helpful for people who have upper body strength and can propel themselves. These have larger wheels with hoops for self-propellation.

Another person must push Non-self-propelled wheelchairs, and their wheels are more minor.

  • Electric wheelchairs: Electric wheelchairs have a motor and batteries. They provide greater autonomy to the user. They are usually operated with a joystick that is located on the same armrest.

Like manual wheelchairs, they can be used indoors and outdoors. Depending on the model, we can find the front or rear central drive. There are also portable electric wheelchairs.

  • Standing wheelchairs: These wheels have a lifting system that allows the user to stand up. This is very advantageous for the daily development of these people. Apart from providing them with more independence and safer transfers, it also allows them to change positions. This is very helpful for improving bone density or possible pressure ulcers.
  • Sports wheelchairs: These wheelchairs are adapted to the different types of Paralympic sports such as tennis, paddle tennis, rugby, or cycling. These sports wheelchairs are adapted to the type of discipline and the peculiarities of the user.

All tend to have the wheels at an angle for more excellent stability during the game. Also, they are very light and are usually made of titanium or aluminum materials.

  • Wheelchairs for overweight people: These bariatric wheelchairs are built with robust chassis to transport overweight people. These chairs have wider seats and may or may not be self-propelled.
  • Stairlift wheelchairs: There is already a project to create a wheelchair that can climb stairs autonomously. We can find systems external to the wheelchair for the moment that allow the person in a wheelchair to be lifted the ladder. These are portable stair climbers, transportable and easy-to-store solutions that allow the user to climb quickly and with little effort.

It is essential to use scooter and wheelchair lifter for them.