You may have heard this before—that you should by all means try to avoid buying an Auto Protection Plan from the dealership you are buying the car from. You know the reasons as well. When you buy auto protection or extended warranty coverage from a dealership, it ties you up with an insurance company of the dealership’s choice (and no doubt, the dealership in question gains from it!). 

And why indeed would you want to get fastened with an auto insurance service that is not of your choice? Especially since there are so many companies offering similar services, which means you have so much opportunity to shop around.

However, here comes the snag—that you really have too many opportunities to shop around! The automotive industry is practically filled to the brim with insurance services. And the problem you face when researching the websites of these different services is that most of them look pretty much the same! 

So, like there are six to seven different plans on offer; there is a list of added benefits; claims such as fast payment, excellent customer support, fast claims processing, and the like. But how many of these claims are true? Processing claims and receiving payment—would they really be as smooth and ‘hassle-free’ as the company claims? 

Now, of course, if you have some reliable reference (such as from a friend or colleague), the task becomes so much easier. In all other cases, however, it is imperative that you go with a company that has enough experience serving in the industry, enjoys an excellent reputation and has loads of positive reviews to show for them (we aren’t only talking about a handful of client testimonials posted on the company website, but Reviews from REAL customers posted at different relevant forums). 

And here’s where Veritas Global Protection comes in.

Veritas Global Protection: What Sets It Apart

First of all, you will be assured to know that each and every program offered by Veritas is backed by financially stable, large insurance carriers all of who enjoy an ‘A’ rating or better (by the AM Best). This in itself should be a huge source of relief for prospective customers since this guarantees that they will never be short-changed of their money, much less be a victim of some scam. 

One should also like to know that Veritas Global Protection provides extended warranties, auto protection plans, and other F&I products not only all over the US, but they operate in more than 20 countries spread across four continents (hence the ‘Global’ in the name). 

As for the protection contracts or plans offered, the company ‘really and truly’ offers customizable plans to all its customers. You can talk over the phone with a customer executive from the company, explain your requirements as well as provide him with the necessary details about your vehicle and finally, mention the money you can afford to spend on insurance—and the executive will be able to craft a protection plan that suits your requirements to a tee. 

This flexible arrangement is also amply reflected in the plans that the company already offers. For example, Veritas, LIKE most companies, offers six primary plans. These are Veritas Guard, Veritas Simplicity, Veritas Essentials, eritas Select, Veritas Electric and Veritas Exotic Plan. 

However, UNLIKE other companies, all of these six primary plans include a number of different, ‘sub-plans’ within themselves. This means that even without a customized solution, you already have some 30 different plans to choose from. And chances are high that they would suffice for your requirements and you won’t even need to request a customized plan at all! 

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