You must have seen people driving cars out of the parking lot really fast. They do not care about the people who might come in their way and meet an accident. If you own a parking lot, then it becomes your responsibility that you take certain measures that could save someone’s life. Having speed bumps set up throughout the parking area can save people from accident. Such a bump ensures that no one can drive their vehicles at a high speed. This, for sure, can result in reducing accidents. You might also have some cables running around.

Lets’ know a little bit more about speed bumps:

Earlier in 1906, when there were no speed bumps, then workers just lifted the crosswalks by some inches in order to slow down the vehicles. Later on, a noble prize awarded physicist Arthur Holly Compton came up with the idea of speed bumps. The idea was proved to be a game changer. Since then a lot of modifications has been made to this discovery. What we see today installed in a parking lot is way more advanced form of Compton’s discovery. Nowadays, speed bumps are made up of recycled rubber and plastic which makes them much more durable. A 2 channel cable ramp can help you out protecting the cables running around speed bumps.

It will serve as both a speed bump as well as a cable protector ramp.

Different materials in which speed bumps are available in the market:

Such bumps are available in the market in various forms depending on the type of material used. Usually, a concrete speed bump is considered to be good. However, that is not the case. The truth is concrete bumps requires more care than rubber bumps. They are not quite durable as well and get easily get damaged.