Australia being a huge country is quite difficult to explore. So, if you haven’t seen this country in full despite being an Australian, don’t be ashamed; you’re not alone.

However, now if you’ve made up your mind to go on a long trip around Australia, there is no better option for you than doing so in a car.

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Here you have two options – buy a car or rent one. However, exploring the whole country will take you anywhere between 4 and 12 months, and this is not worth renting a car as it’s too expensive.

Therefore buying a car is a reasonable option. Buying a car has its own benefits too, like you can buy any car, can convert it to anything, and don’t have to worry about scratches and dents.

You also have the options of buying a car in the local market or hire the best US car imports to Australia offered by Import Direct Car Sales.

Moreover, at the end of your trip, you can sell it to get some of your money back.

The real problem arises when it comes to buying a car, registering it and getting the necessary documents. The whole process is not only time-consuming but also expensive.

Fortunately, it’s not as expensive as renting a car, but still equally time-consuming. All in all, buying a car is still a better option.

Which Cars to Consider?

This depends on how and what you’re planning to do. You may need a big car if you want to drive a lot and sleep inside your car.

But if you want to sleep in a tent or hotels, a smaller car will be fine.

If you’re serious about going off the beaten path, a Land Cruiser will be the best for you because it’s a reliable vehicle having excellent off-road capabilities.

But if majority of your travel would be on sealed roads, you don’t need a Land Cruiser.

Your general priorities may include:

  • Decent on-road capabilities and good to drive for over 6 hours per day
  • Decent off-road capabilities for outback roads, beach driving and river crossings
  • Adequate space for a bed in the back
  • Good price (depending on your budget)

You can try to buy what you want in the local market or prefer American car imports by Import Direct Car Sales.

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Formalities to Go Through

In Australia, something called “slips” is quite confusing. You’ll have to understand and go through them while buying a car.

Here are some of the terms:

Stamp Duty: A 3% tax on the purchase price of the car

Motor Vehicle Tax: An annual tax for operating your car or in other words, for its registration

Registration/Rego: Your vehicle should be registered so that you can drive it. You should transfer its registration in your name once you purchase it. Also, you should renew it every 3, 6 or 12 months.

Pink Slip/E-Safety Check: This is a certificate you’ll need for renewing your rego. You can get it from a licensed mechanic who’ll confirm that your car is roadworthy.

Green Slip/Compulsory Third Party Insurance: This certificate is also needed while renewing your rego and covers you for injuries or death of other people by your car.

With all this information, your car buying process can be easy and smooth. All the best!