Getting yourself unstuck from a sand trap or mud bog is part and parcel with heading off-road with your vehicle. If you’ve been caught out before, then chances are you’ve been rescued by a winch and the help of someone else in your convoy.

But what about those other times when they winch can’t get into a tricky gap or simply won’t do what you want it to do? When you find yourself in a situation where a conventional 4X4 Winch would do the trick that’s when you need something under the wheels to give them traction – a firmer surface for your 4WD to gain some traction and work your way out of a tricky situation.

There are a few important 4×4 accessories that you can keep in your four-wheel-drive arsenal that may just help you out of a tricky situation when a winch isn’t available or can’t reach you. One piece of equipment that should be carried at all times and used liberally is a simple shovel. If you find yourself bogged, instead of aimlessly spinning your tyres and working yourself into a more difficult situation – get out and start digging! the humble shovel is still one of the most important pieces 4WD kit that can help you out of many sticky situations.

One of the most popular pieces of 4×4 kit to emerge over the last decade has been 4WD recovery tracks. The principle behind these devices is very simple, by putting them behind or in front of the wheels that are bogged or trapped, you should be able to work your way and the situation by reversing or driving straight over them. While the principal may be very simple, the truth is 4WD recovery tracks are one of the most effective ways to work yourself out of a bog. 4×4 recovery tracks are especially important for those heading off-road without the help of a convoy because they can be used without relying on anyone to tow you out.

TRED 4WD tracks are one of the most popular options on the market when it comes to 4×4 recovery. Incorporating a unique hex-shaped grip nodule design, along with their length and aggressive teeth, recovery tracks can be used as a shover and as a recovery track. These recovery boards can be used to dig and to manoeuvre your way out of an unfortunate situation and onto more certain ground.

Irrespective of which device or brand you choose to go with, one very important aspect of any recovery kit should be a shovel and recovery board. Boards that double as a shovel can kill two birds with one stones and ensure that you always have both handy when you head off road. 4WD self-recovery is an essential skill for anyone heading off-road!