Does it ever happen that you park your car somewhere and it suddenly begins to rain? Or you have parked your car somewhere, and it gets very hot to keep your car out in the heat? Such are the days you really wish you had an umbrella for the car as we have for ourselves. So that the freshly washed car does not get all dirty again with the rainwater and other dust, or the heat outside does not heat up the car so much that when you enter, you feel like it was better out in the sun.

And there is a perfect solution for all the problems which is a Car sunshade umbrella (ร่มบังแดดแบบคลุมรถยนต์, which is the term in Thai). Yes, you read it right, a car shade umbrella. Isn’t it the perfect solution for the problems? Even if it is raining, or there is a lot of rain outside, you can always keep your car safe from these external factors. This is a pretty innovative technology, which has now become a standard utility for the people. Also, it is so easy to use. Not only the shade for the car, but it can also be used as a shade for your small picnics, or when you just want to sit by the sea, but the sun is too much.

This car shade umbrella can be used for your car as well as the shade or an umbrella for your family for small picnics. Have you ever dreamt about a small, lovely family picnic by the country roads with your kids? You can now do that very easily with the help of this special umbrella. Enjoy this special moment with your kids and your wife. Sit beside a nice country road, roll out the food, and dig in and enjoy the weather with your family.

Most of the car shade umbrellas are automatic car tents. They work on charging, that is it can work with a full charge for about 5 hours. These umbrellas can work in temperatures that range from -40 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius. That is it can work in extreme temperatures and keep your car protected from that extreme weather. The umbrella has an adjustable stand, so you can adjust the height and size of the umbrella according to what you want. Most of these umbrellas come with a one year warranty. The umbrella also has a USB point of about 5 volts and many more features. It is the perfect example of merging technology with utility items!