The providers of lifts have all the benefits of a wheelchair lift. It is streamlined and has an economical package. This is a simplified electrical system that has a trouble free operation. It also has a spring loaded that has the safety features. This will keep our chair secure on the platform throughout the lift.

Features of the century lift

  • The Century Lift that is for vans is fully hydraulic in operation. This is for both fold and unfold that provides up to 42inches of floor to reach to the ground. The operation of the lift involves a standard handheld control as well as a vertical pillar. It has also has an optional remote control system that becomes easy to use. The individual can conveniently use it and move wherever he wants to.
  • It is designed dynamically for the installation of either sides of the rear doors.ths is for a full sized van. There is a hydraulic power roll stop that helps o raise the vertical position before the platform.
  • The Century Lift has a parallel arm that features an up and down control button which shows that user of the lift controls the product while he is on the platform.
  • The lift has a threshold warning sensor which is basically a pressure plate that is installed at the entrance of the lift. If at all this plate is engaged, then the lift operation will be prevented and there will be both visual and audible warnings. This done to alert the passengers and the attendants is there are unsafe conditions.

The speciality of century lift is that it has an automatic door operation. This is for personal use to enhance the usability of the product. This programming will allow the doors to be opened and closed with the help of a small activating small handled remote.