Luxury sedans are considered to be the epitome of in car luxuries, which their outward appearance adhere to. Among the first row auto brands who are known for making such premium luxury sedans, the name Genesis is known for gathering more curiosity and popularity since it has already been offering greater amount if in-car luxury appointments in a relatively lesser price tag. The 2020 editions of Genesis G70 models can be said to be the best examples to prove this point.

Cabin Space

At the showroom of a popular Genesis dealer in our locality, we could explore the 2020 Genesis G70 models. We felt that in comparison to some huge sedans, the dimensions of the 2020 Genesis G70 cabin are relatively smaller, but its careful space utilization does leave the impression of a spacious cabin, indeed. The space is best enjoyed when there are four people including the driver, but even with the third person occupying the rear seat, no one will feel the discomfort of stuffiness, even for a moment.

With its supportive and comfortable seats at the rear the passengers get to enjoy their personal space at all times. At the front, both the seats including the passenger, come with adjustable feature to get the right angle and leg space. At the rear end, the trunk is big enough to carry the regular stuff of the occupants with ease.

Build Quality

The build quality of the inside cabin in any 2020 Genesis G70 is appreciable, as it combines durability with that of fanciful beautification. The color scheme in each of the 2020 Genesis G70 redefines sobriety, where the automaker didn’t have to shout loud to attract the attention of the passerby. Each of the luxury touches depicts the elegant choice of the automaker, while the materials used for them are worth discussing.

We must admit that with the 2020 edition of its G70 series Genesis has taken a step higher in building up a real swanky interior in terms of material quality. Even the Base models of the 2020 Genesis G70 come wrapped in synthetic leather upholstery while the power-adjustable seat for the driver can be set at 12 ways. Stepping one trim above the base will add seats with quilted leather hides, pampering the skin with its ultra-soft touches. For few more dollars, Genesis can equip your G70 model with heated and cooled seats, which is way above the capacity of other brands to offer them at this price.

Utility Count

Every 2020 Genesis G70 offers a trunk space at the rear that measures about 10.5 cubic feet, which is enough to load a good load of luggage for five passengers. At the center, the instrument cluster reveals the sportier side of this Genesis luxury sedan.

None of the 2020 Genesis G70 models come less equipped. According to the Genesis dealership staff even the Base cars are wrapped in synthetic leather upholstery, while a 8.0-inch touchscreen display is allotted to compliment the infotainment system that also works in tune with smartphone compatibility. Other features that make you feel luxurious are automatic climate control, power-adjustable front seats, and a power-lift gate.

Climbing the top of the trim will ensure leather upholstery, heated and cooled seats, power-adjustable steering wheel, premium audio, in built  navigation system, and parking sensors.