RC car enthusiasts must keep in mind that proper maintenance is essential to keep their RC cars in the perfect running condition. There are professionals available for rc car maintenance but many owners like to perform maintenance works on their rc cars all by themselves. However, the maintenance works should be done in the right manner.

Here are some tips for maintaining your rc car in the correct way.

Use water properly

The common mistake is to dunk the RC car with water. Water can be used to clean the body of the RC car but only if it has not been painted using water soluble paint because water will degrade the water soluble paint. However, the body first needs to be detached from the chassis before cleaning with water and must be dried. Wheels can also be cleaned using water after removing them from the car. Chassis should never be cleaned with water. This is because water corrodes the metal parts and can even damage the bearings. If the chassis gets wet by mistake, it is necessary to dry it using compressed air to eliminate the water stuck in the chassis completely.

Chassis cleaning

There are special cleaning solutions available for cleaning chassis of RC cars. Denatured alcohol can also be used to clean the chassis. Use some amount of cleaning solution to soften the dirt clinging to the chassis and remove it using a towel or tooth brush. Compressed air can also be used to blow away the debris. Cleaning solution can also be used to clean the exterior and interior parts of the vehicle.For hard to reach to areas, use a cotton bud infused with the cleaning solution.

Driveshaft maintenance

Driveshaft maintenance is an important part of rc car maintenance. The driveshaft needs to be cleaned regularly. For this purpose, the driveshaft needs to be disassembled and infused with a cleaning solution. Lubrication may also be needed because the lubrication may be lost due to general wear and tear. Before reassembling, the various parts such as centre coupling and drive pins need to be checked for wear. Highly worn out parts need to be replaced.

Lubricate moderately

Lubrication is required for a numbers of parts such as bearings, bushing, shocks, etc. Excess lubrication must be avoided because huge amount of lubricant makes the parts susceptible to dirt which causes damage. Lubricant should be put only as much as is sufficient for smooth operation of the parts. Lubrication should be done once a month. Many RC cars do not even need lubrication as they have parts which are sealed by rubber.

Service the shocks

Shocks take a lot of strain and also get very dirty. As a result, shocks tend to lose fluid and become less effective.All you need to do is detach the shocks from the car, remove the springs from them and finally remove the cap. Drain the residual fluid from the shocks and check its colour. If the colour is milky or brownish, it is time to refill the shocks. Fill the shocks with the right kind of fluid till the correct level as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Other parts

Check the following parts as well.

  • Drive belts for wear and tension
  • Ball and gear differential for lubrication or missing or worn teeth
  • Dog bones for bends or breaks
  • Bearings for lubrication and cleaning
  • Discs and pads of disc brakes for operation and general condition


Proper maintenance prevents the need for expensive repairs. Simply remember the points mentioned above to avoid mistakes.