Drifting and skidding might somehow be made to look good on the tv screens, but it is not that funny when one is really experiencing it. Hydroplaning is the fear of many a driver especially when driving in wet weather.  Do you know that aquaplaning as it is also called can happen on a slightly wet ground, just by one passing a patch of water on the ground? So how do you protect your precious car for this, and if this ever happens how to do handle it and still stay safe.

Here are tips to help you own your car even in wet driving conditions.

Hydroplaning happens when the water on the ground forms a thin layer between the ground and car tyre, thereby causing your tyres to ride on the water instead of the land. When this happens, you might lose control of the car. It can be a very unnerving experience, here’s how to help yourself in such situation.

Drive Slower

Hydroplaning usually occurs when our move at speeds of upwards 56km/hr, that should be somewhere around 35 miles per hour. So what do you do on wet day? Reduce your speed; this applies both in light rain and heavy rain. Also in wet weather avoid sudden movements, so take your turns more slowly, give yourself a longer breaking distance and don’t accelerate suddenly.

Avoid puddles of water where possible, this will lessen your chances of hydroplaning. Also take your of cruise control when driving in wet situations. This is so as to save yourself so time, thereby helping you to react faster if your car should skid. If hydroplaning occurs, you’d have to take your car of cruise control first and this might cause you some precious time.

Ensure Your Car Tyres Are In Good Shape

Buy quality tyres, such as Habilead tyre dubai, they are a good brand and they also come at great prices.  Also ensure that your wheels are aligned and well balanced. Your tyres are well rotated and also have the right pressure in them. If your tyres are in bad shape, change them as soon as possible.

How To Recover After A Hydroplaning

Sometimes irrespective of our best efforts, unwanted events might occur. So in case hydroplaning occurs, the following steps can help you stay safe.

Take your foot of the accelerator and resist the temptation to step on the brakes.  Braking sharply might even further aggravate the situation. Instead of braking, try moving your steering wheel to the same direction your car is going. It might seem unintuitive, but this will actually help your get control of your vehicle once again.

Of course when you have successfully gotten your car out of this situation, you can take a few seconds to calm down.


Make sure your tire dubai are in great shape, drive slowly, make no sudden movements and stay calm. If you can follow these steps, you’ll be able to take care of yourself in potential hazardous situation.