Find yourself searching for “Nissan Maxima For Sale“? It’s likely that you already know you’re making the right choice. Check out these five reasons why the Nissan Maxima is a great buy.

1) Great performance and gas mileage

The Nissan Maxima is a mid-size sedan that packs a punch when it comes to performance. The Maxima’s DOHC V6 engine has won award after award. The XTronic CVT transmission works to help the Maxima conserve fuel, at an impressive 20 mpg city/ 30 mpg highway.

2) Comfort and style in one

The new, updated Maxima’s appearance has been updated by Nissan. While the Maxima has always been a sharp looking car, itsdesign is now more timeless than ever. Don’t think you need to give up comfort for style- the Maxima’s interior is sleek, and Nissan’s Zero Gravity seats will have your back feeling supported no matter how long you’re on the road.

3) Driver focused design

When you sit down behind the wheel of a Maxima, it’s clear that the car was designed with the driver in mind. Straightforward controls are tilted toward the driver, making it easy to see everything you need to control your driving experience. You’ll also notice that climate control, dashboard alerts, safety alerts, and fuel usage are easy to read.

4) Sleek infotainment system

Whether you’re using your Maxima’s infotainment system to get directions to your destination or to sync music from your phone to your car’s speakers, you’ll love the high contrast, easy to use design. The Maxima’s original data system was often criticized for being tough to use, so Nissan outfitted the latest Maxima’s with a new and improved system. If you’ve been in a Maxima before, you’ll notice the updated system at first glance.

5) Safety first

If you’re searching for “Nissan Maxima for sale,” it’s clear that you care about the safety of yourself and your passengers. The Nissan Maxima comes standard with top of the line safety features- you don’t have to pay extra to stay safe on the road. Collision warning and automatic braking works to stop your car even faster than your reflexes. One of the most exciting safety features in the Maxima is the driver attention warning. The car works to take a baseline of your driving habits for the first 15 minutes you’re in the car. From that, it’s able to detect driving and movement patterns that aren’t normal for you, and alert you to pay attention to the road.