Maintenance is also present in the life of the motorcycle rider, be it for a review before traveling or any electrical or mechanical failure. The purchase of safety equipment and motorcycle clothing are necessary, such as helmet, boots, raincoat and others. Motorbike Insurance is your choice to protect your property from numerous accidents and unforeseen events. In addition many insurers offer the 24 hour assistance service that will get you out of suffocation. Motorcycle insurance worth it? Ask your questions. For cote à cote this is a perfect option now.

Did you put all the expenses on paper and did they fit into the monthly budget? Then see the next tips for buying new bike.

What kind of motorcycle to buy?

Choosing the best motorcycle category is essential for a successful purchase. Have you ever thought of buying a motorcycle with the intention of traveling, but it stops in the middle of the mountain for lack of power? See below the main categories of motorcycle.


As its name implies, the City (or street) category is designed to be used in the city, with a place for a croup, without many accessories and allowing for use in corridors. They have 125 to 500 cc, with top speeds of 110 to 160 kilometers per hour.


Custom is designed for comfort and elaborate design, with a lower seat with croupier support. These two points are hallmarks of many Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It is suitable for travel use due to comfort and higher displacement.

Trail / Fun

We can say that this bike is two in one and can be used both on and off the roads. They have medium to high displacement engine.


The name comes from the English “naked”, since she has no fairing. They are considered of urban use, with medium displacement, and can circulate in urban roads or asphalted roads.

Scooter / cub

This category features low-displacement bikes, usually between 50 and 150, known for their seated riding position and front protection shield.


As the name implies, they are racing-oriented because they have a high-performance aerodynamic and mechanical design exceeding 1200 cc.


This category features large bikes that have high load capacity, powerful engine, riding comfort and large fuel tank. Because of these characteristics, they are indicated for great motorcycle trips.

Ways to buy a new bike

Already several ways to make the payment of a new motorcycle in addition to cash payment. See below the consortium, financing and leasing.

Financing: It is the most common way to buy a car, home or motorcycle. In this mode, the buyer asks the bank for the amount needed to make the purchase. Payment is made in installments, where interest is around 27% per year, which is one of the main disadvantages.

Leasing: This mode works as a long-term lease, in which the bank makes the purchase of the vehicle and gives the buyer the right to use it, with the option to purchase at the end of the contract. Interest is around 17% per year, with the disadvantage that the driver is unable to sell the vehicle because it is in the bank’s name until the end of the contract.

Consortium: The consortium acts as a collective savings, to which each member contributes monthly. It is possible to buy the motorcycle only when the buyer is drawn with the letter of credit or when he makes the highest bid. There is no interest rate, only a fixed administrative fee, but the purchase of the vehicle can take several years.