Don Forman, a leader in the automotive industry epitomizes the spirit of philanthropy charity giving. While Forman is essentially a businessman, he has not just dedicated his entire energy to improving the bottom line. Instead, he believes that by giving back, his business will impact more lives in ways that he cannot begin to imagine. In innumerable ways, Don Forman has set positive and encouraging examples for other dealerships and members of the community from which many people have ended up benefiting immensely. When his community was faced with challenges, he chose to use his dealership resources and his helping heart to do good for the community. 

He believes in the power of unity, which is why he has found many partnerships to help him champion community support. For example, when he came into partnership with the Fox5 Surprise Squad to help the vulnerable in the society when many people were injured following the deadly shootings in Las Vegas. From ferrying people to blood donation centers to save lives. 

Forman’s Business Philosophy

Don Forman Nissan is unlike other dealerships—his bottom line is not the ultimate quest, but to use his bottom line to change lives and revive lost hopes. But he does this in a style that doesn’t show off to the people. Don Forman didn’t choose to do good so as to promote the image of his business as many would expect. Instead, he does all of these things to make people who are desolate and desperate to restore their hopes and live to fight for better lives. 

His motivation to continuously help humanity is drawn from a pure conviction that making a difference in the life of someone counts more than empowering yourself. Telling a success strong from the perspective of a poor person is more fulfilling and encouraging than leaving a legacy of a successful business. From every transaction completed with Don Forman Nissan, a significant percentage of the profit is channeled towards lifting up someone out there. 

Forman’s endeavors to be of great help to people and being courteous, friendly, and loving by helping the wretched of the earth to realize their true destinies. Throughout his interaction, Don Forman always desires that his business mind becomes a blessing to people and not just to himself. 

By partnering with the Fox5 Surprise Squad, Don was able to make a difference in the lives of many people in different ways. The group’s primary focus is to travel around the community trying to find people who need help and Fox5 lands them a surprise that would change their lives forever. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a child, the charity group ensures that the beneficiaries become the true example of what Don Forman can do. From delivering food to the needy children in school to free rides, Don Forman believes that the power to change things is inherently possessed by human beings. 

No one can tell where Don Forman gets all the resources to finance such crucial and huge charity projects in different communities, but they do know that he is indeed sacrificing his profits for the sake of the community he values and loves most. 

Don Forman Nissan dealership doesn’t just exist to sell cars—after all, there is something after business. Following the devastating massacre of 2017 in Las Vegas, a situation that remains alive in the minds of many, Forman dedicated a significant amount of his business resources from his dealership towards helping the affected people. For a good number of days, Don Forman didn’t have to worry about closing down his shops and extending a helping hand. Instead, he worried more about the victims of the deadly shootings and their families.  One of the things every person wants to see is having someone come through at a time when you really need help, and Forman has done just that by restoring hope and faith in humanity. He is among those people who firmly believe that during the most trying moments, it is kindness, and love for humanity that shines and counts most.