Maybe you have a long trip ahead of you and there is a lot of stuff you need to take with you. At this point, if you do not have a motorcycle bag you are going to struggle with carrying all of your belongings effectively. Now you may think that you can just go ahead and buy any bag and carry all of your belongings in it.

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that. Carrying all of your luggage while riding in style requires a bit more effort in selecting a suitable bag that will ensure spacious carriage while providing you the functions and style you crave.

You are doing it wrong if you are using the same bag for all of your trips and luggage. Planning for traveling and taking your desired luggage with you is not simple as shoving your stuff in a single bag and rolling with it. Passionate bike riders do it right by properly switching and buying different types of motorbike bags.

Different bags serve different functions and are used in specific conditions to cope with different requirements. However, choosing the right bags for your specific needs can be a bit tricky. But worry not! This is why we are here for. Let us help you guide in selecting a perfect motorbike bag that will suit your custom needs.

Tank Bags

Tank bags are exactly how they sound. These are handy bags that fit easily on your bike’s fuel tank. With easy to install and easy to take off tank bags are perfect to carry your stuff around. Tank tops are specifically designed to stay stationary to keep the balance of your bike and are also very in-expensive. What’s more, many tank bags also have the facility of clear pouches to attach mobile phones, GPS devices for easy usage while riding. If you think tank bags are exactly what you need here are the highest quality motorcycle tank bags that you can try right now.


A spacious well placed and easy to access bag that can carry a lot of stuff while adding to your aesthetics. Saddlebags are one of the most good looking bags that come in all sizes, colors, and shapes that can go with any bike model and size. Apart from providing sufficient room for carrying a lot of stuff Saddlebags also prove to be worth your money as they are highly durable and can last very long.

Soft Motorcycle luggage bags

These are very attractive and spacious bags that are specifically built to carry a lot of luggage at one time. These luggage bags are placed at the rear of the bike and are made from very quality synthetics and have features like quick-installation and release, impact-resistant, water-resistant, and proper safety locks. These luggage bags are manufactured in different sizes, shapes, and colors so it is up to you to decide what type of bag suits you best. To help you get started we recommend these quality motorcycle luggage bags.

Hard motorcycle trunk bags

These hardcore bad boys act as a storage unit for your bike. Hard motorcycle trunks can carry a lot of things especially hardware related. With features like key-lock protection, weather resistance, and heavy-duty long-lasting build quality these motorcycle trunks can carry and store a lot of your stuff without having you worry about the safety of your belongings.

These hard motorcycle trunks usually come in pairs to balance out the weight on both sides of your bike. So decide carefully according to the amount of stuff you have. These hard motorcycle bags can also prove to be a lifesaver. In case you crash your bike these bags will create enough space for you to free your legs and move to a secure place.

Unlike cars, bikes do not have built-in storage spaces. To store and carry luggage owning a quality motorbike bag is very important. Above listed are all the most essential bags that you should know about before planning a road trip with your bike buddies. There are many other types of motorbike bags that are optional for those who need to move some serious amount of stuff or are pros. However, you can easily choose a bag of your liking from the above mentioned.