Audi as a luxury automaking brand has been in the first row of its segment throwing challenges to its few rival brands, namely the Mercedes Benz, BMW and now Genesis. In the last couple of years the competition between these brands have gone tougher, as each of them has learned the tricks of the trade with equal perfection, and each model that gets released from any one of these automakers immediately face a rivalry with an equally promising counterpart offered by the others. This tough competition has put the critics as well as the buyers into a quandary, as to which of the  models in the same segment deserves a higher ranking than the others. For a neutral judgement, the critics have to look at each and every aspect of a model from a perspective that the users might not get to see.

To see the 2020 Audi SQ5 from such critical perspective, we visited several showrooms of the car dealerships in Bakersfield, and returned with an in-depth knowledge of this crossover model from Audi that we felt to be worth sharing.

Height of Popularity

The 2020 Audi Q5 was tagged by many users as one of the default models of luxury crossover SUV segment that was accepted by most of the test drivers we came across as well as the critics. The popularity of the 2020 Audi Q5 series reached such a height within days of its launch that many drivers complain of having difficulty to find their own car in the crowded parking lots. The sales records we have checked about this Audi crossover shows that it has secured the badge of a best seller in the markets of U.S., Germany and Asia.

Remarkable Attributes

If you want to list down all the goodness of the 2020 lineup of Audi SQ5, then it will get longer and longer till you get tired. You can start with its subtly crafted exterior styling, the classy interior feel, bevy of advanced technology used in every section posing a great threat for the Mercedes-Benz models of crossovers released this year.

Tweaks Added for the 2020 Lineup

Audi has stacked the 2020lineup of SQ5 in Premium, Premium Plus, or Prestige trim shades that ascend in levels of creature comfort and technology features as the price tags climb higher.

As updated by the Audi car dealers near Bakersfield, this year, the SQ5 lineup sees the introduction of a plug-in hybrid model that can cross 25 miles with the electric power alone, while somethe wheels get some new design tweaks. On the safety side, features like adaptive cruise control get wider in their availability across the entire range of lineup.

Handling the Horsepower

The 2020 SQ5 models retain their crossover attributes through their performance score resulting from the abundanthorsepower count and handling responses. Sitting behind the wheels of a 2020 Audi SQ5 will make you handle either a 248 horsepower with all four wheels or you need to know how it feels to drive one of this Audi crossover models, when it cranks 349-hp under its hood.

Even the worst critics who has driven any of the 2020 Audi SQ5 will agree that each of the SQ5 delivers a scorching, yet highly refined, performance, in every driving condition.