Although you may be a responsible driver on the road, sadly some people are not. Drunk driving accidents injure or kill thousands of people every year. In 2010, the CDC estimated that nearly 10,000 people were killed as a result of drunk driving. These accidents are more frequent in Texas too. On average the drunk driver accident in Houston stats are roughly 2% higher than the national average. In an accident, time is of the utmost importance. Below, we have outlined the necessary steps to take immediately following a suspected drunk driving accident.

Check for Injuries

Following an accident, check all passengers in your automobile for possible injuries. If an injury is suspected, do not move the person unless they are in immediate danger. Sometimes neck and back injuries must be specially treated and handled to avoid further injury. After checking passengers in your own vehicle, check for injuries in the other vehicle involved in the accident, but only if it is safe to move to the other car. If any injury is discovered, call 911 and emergency services.

Notify the Police

To help with the accident, notify the police. Always call the police if you suspect that alcohol has been a contributing factor in the accident. A police office will not only be able to help sort out the accident, but he or she will be able to document the accident and create a police case. These documents are necessary for insurance claims. If alcohol is suspected, a police officer will have the necessary testing supplies to document blood alcohol levels of the driver.

Document, Document, Document

While a police report certainly helps with any pending lawsuit or insurance claim, it is necessary to document everything. If possible, take photographs of the vehicles, the road conditions, the weather, and any other necessary details. Write down as much as you can remember, and make sure to get the information of the other drivers involved in the accident. If there are any witnesses in the accident, record their contact information as well. They may be called upon in a pending lawsuit.

Understand Limitations

Injuries from a drunk driver accident in Houston may not be apparent at first. Some minor injuries can take months to appear, but can create ongoing health concerns. In the state of Texas, victims of drunk driving accidents only have two years to file a claim. Working with an experienced attorney can help put together a case to file a suit against the drunk driver. Collect all necessary documentation including medical bills, insurance claims, and police reports and meet with an attorney to discuss the details of your case.