So you are wondering what is New York Vehicle Inspection Program is? Or how much is a NYS inspection? We will be answering all your questions in this brief post.

In New York, the law demands all the vehicles registered in the state to meet the minimum standards for emission, safety, and operation on public roadways. The vehicles should also receive a clear inspection from a licensed and recognised NYS vehicle inspection office. 

If you have a fully-maintained vehicle, you have nothing to worry about. However, you have to still get the basic inspection done. Few supervising provisos should be there if you want your vehicle to pass.

We have laid down some of the important things about the New York Vehicle Inspection Program that you probably didn’t know about.

  • Vehicle inspections are required every 12 months

For those unversed, every vehicle in New York must be inspected every 12 months. The good thing is that you have until the last day of the expiration month to get your inspection sticker. 

However, we recommend you not to wait till the last date, unless you are super-busy or something. The sooner you get your vehicle inspected, the better it is for you. Also, if you don’t want to get into trouble, then you should get your car inspected early.

  • Inspectors will check the tires, but not the spare

Vehicle inspections are more about the overall functional condition and specific tread depths of your tires. Understand that an inspector won’t check the spare tire as it is not part of the NYS inspection process.

But if you want you can get your spare tires checked. This is because they are subjected to deterioration. Even if there is a problem with your spare tire, it won’t prevent you from passing. Getting your spare tire checked means you know that it is ready to use.

  • You will need an inspection for buying/selling a vehicle

When you buy or sell a vehicle, it is common sense that you should get it checked. By getting the vehicle inspected, you will know what condition it is in. But make sure that you go to a qualified vehicle inspector.

Likewise, when you sell a vehicle, the inspection sticker acts as a mark of credibility for potential buyers. 

Whether by law or not, you should get your vehicle inspected within the given deadline to identify the problems, if it has any.