Lexus has just announced that it will be rolling out a new full-size sedan, the RC F. The RC F is a replacement for the RC or the Lexus car CLK which has been introduced last year, and this time around Lexus will focus more on the compact segment.

With the introduction of the Toyota Yaris the Japanese car maker is closing the gap with its rivals to get a slice of the market share in the auto industry. It is thus looking forward to launch more models that are aimed at a very specific audience. It has already launched the Lexus RT and the Pontiac Solstice.

While the two other cars in the auto industry have been designed to be family vehicles, the Lexus has a different focus. The car maker wants to push the “core” audience of the market where families are concerned. While the compact models are targeted to those families who want to live and drive in smaller towns, the four-door sedans are meant for people who want to stay close to the city.

Lexus has also introduced a new part called Lexus Sports, a joint venture with Honda to manufacture specially built parts for the car maker’s sports car, the RC F. Lexus now manufactures all the major parts of the RC F, and it also supplies them to the official dealers of the Japanese car maker. Lexus Sport is a new model that was designed to cater to the special needs of sports car lovers.

In this sector the game is not as easy as it is in the other segments of the auto market. This segment is one of the most competitive in the entire car industry and car makers try their best to keep it that way. This is why the components of the car are made so separately from the main chassis of the car.

The RC F is a car that the Lexus Auto assembly line is still in the process of designing. It is aimed at those young and old sports car lovers who want to experience an old-fashioned feel of driving a super car but with a modern driver’s ability. The new RC F is expected to come with features such as a six-speed automatic transmission and the Lexus SUV suspension.

Hitachi-converter converters and On Star system are some of the features that were introduced recently by the manufacturer. Even though the Japanese car maker has a reputation for introducing new car models every year, it seems that the RC F does not fall in the same category. The car will be launched in Japan and the rest of the world in the second half of 2020. No exact launch date has been announced yet.

The auto industry is in a challenging phase where manufacturers are trying to find the right niche for their product. The RC F is an interesting new concept that the Japanese car maker is likely to introduce at an affordable price tag.