It can be frightening to have a steering wheel malfunction firsthand. Nobody wants to experience a steering system failure while travelling at high speed on a highway.

Fortunately, there are signs of a deteriorating steering system that appear before it completely fails. 

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These signs can help you determine whether your steering system is malfunctioning.

  • Difficulty in turning your wheel

If you have power steering, this can be a sign that there is a problem with the system. Leaks can occur in the steering rack itself, the steering pump, or the hoses.

  • Steering wheel vibration

While wheel alignment issues are frequently indicated by this, vibrating steering wheel might also be a sign of a power steering issue. Additionally, pollutants may have accumulated.

  • Steering wheel slips while turning or holding

Another indication that the power steering is not working is this. In addition to leaks, other factors that contribute to power steering failure include malfunctioning pumps, broken steering rack mounts, and worn out or loose steering belts.

  • Looseness in steering wheel

Worn tie rods and steering racks are typically to blame for this.

  • Excessive steering wheel vibration while accelerating or turning 

Usually, damaged or worn tie rods are to blame for this. If it is allowed to continue, the entire vehicle will tremble and finally lose steering.

  • Vehicle wanders/pulls to one side

This frequently points to a problem with a damaged steering system. You should also check for any power steering leaks because a lack of lubrication from the power steering fluid might lead to premature steering gear wear.

  • Excessive play in your steering wheel

You can be very sure there is a steering gear problem if you need to spin it more than an inch before the wheels start to turn.

  • Grinding noise while turning your steering wheel

Another sign of a steering gear issue is this.

  • Screeching noise while turning the wheel

Commonly brought on by a worn-out or slack power steering belt. This belt links the engine to the power steering pump. Low level of power steering fluid may possibly be the cause of the screeching noise.

  • Discolored or Foaming power steering fluid

This suggests that air or water has entered the system, preventing the fluid from adequately lubricating the parts.

  • Burning oil smell

Fluid reaching or leaking into an overheating component is what causes the burning odor. Burning pressure fluid in a power steering system has a stench a lot like burning oil.

  • Fluid Leaks

One of the leaks might be the brake fluid if your car is parked and you observe a puddle on the ground beneath it. Leaking brake fluid will result in pressure loss, which will result in the issues listed above that arise when the power steering system lacks sufficient pressure.

You can also find many YouTube videos discussing this issue in more detail.