The brake pad is one of the most important parts of your car’s braking system that needs constant checking and replacement whenever necessary. Your car will give you signals when it is time to change them. These signals can be in the form of squeals coming from the brakes when you apply them or small shakes occurring in the vehicle when you brake. Now at this moment, it is pretty obvious that your car needs an inspection and an expert technician can easily help you out with that. 

But sometimes you need to do everything by yourself so learning how to choose the right brake pads for your car is essential. 

Types of brake pads

A few decades ago most of the brake pads used in cars were made from asbestos as it is a good conductor of heat and dissipates the heat generated by the friction very quickly. But the manufacturers soon realized that using asbestos as brake pads in cars can cause it to form a byproduct of dust, which can severely affect the breathing of people. 

So currently there are four different types of materials that are used to make brake pads for cars. 

  • Semi-metallic brake pads: These brake pads are made of several different metals such as iron, steel, copper, and nickel, which are put together with the help of resin. These are the most common types of brake pads after the asbestos got banned and are also the cheapest. Due to their material nature, these brake pads can be noisy.
  • Low-metallic brake pads: These are considered as the base level upgrade for the semi-metallic brake pads. They contain less amount of metal in them, making them a bit quieter in nature and don’t harm the rotors much. They are good heat-resistant and are used in heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks. 
  • Organic brakes: This category includes brakes made from organic materials such as Kevlar, carbon, high-quality resin, and glass. They are very effective in braking performance but lack the power to dissipate heat easily. These types of brake pads are used in high-speed vehicles that need to stop very quickly. 
  • Ceramic brake pads: Probably the most expensive type of brake pads, these pads are used mainly for passenger and light trucks. They are very good at functioning under high temperatures and disperse heat very easily. 

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