Before installing any big brake kit, you need to assess why in the first place does your vehicle needs it. With the power and performance getting added to the vehicle, the demand to effectively stop it also increases. Being able to bring your vehicle to a halt faster gives you an advantage but alongside this, many myths circulate about these big braking systems.

They Look Good

These brake kits are huge and look aggressive. These being expensive, mostly innovates the look of the vehicle. These brakes are put on the vehicles that can carry them, along with a bit to make them look cool. The more you drop in funds for upgrades, the better will the brakes look but that does not make sense as you must not look into its aesthetics but also the functionality.

Friction to Stop

This is a very common myth that the bigger the brakes better it stops the car. But the reality is far different from this. Bigger and heavier brakes can only give you more and more stopping friction to be used by the stock brakes. When running at a high speed and suddenly pulling the brakes, you will find your tires unable to grip the roads. This happens in the absence of ABS where the tires get locked up and skids along the streets.

Heat Liberation

People often make the mistake of using larger brakes to stop the car efficiently. But this is a myth. These larger brakes have a larger surface area with considerably more mass to liberate the heat that is generated. Heat liberation is an important aspect in the fading of brakes and hence big brake kits can add to it massively. If ever you are witnessing a situation of a brake fade, you need to immediately see experts to mend it because these fades are harmful to your journeys.

Smoothens Performance

These brakes not at all smoothen the performance but do constrict their movement. These being heavier and being clamped along with the wheels, forces them to exert extra spinning pressure on the wheel movement, thus, lowering down the speed. To omit this disadvantage, modified rotors and calipers are attached to enhance the brake fluid movement and loosen the vessels. performance brakesthough being high performance, do not hinder the wheel movements, while providing you with the necessary satisfaction. You can opt for them as per your vehicle’s requirements.