Imagine yourself on the track, speeding down the straights. You’re in the lead by the hood of your car, but it’s close. One more lap to go; the smell of burned rubber hits your nose and it’s exhilarating.

It all comes down to this, the final bend to the last straight for the win. But you come around the bend too fast. Because of this error, you’ve lost the lead.

There goes that coveted trophy you were going to use to rub in your neighbors face. You did everything right, except the racing line.

If you are that kind of person, then this for you. Here are five tips that can help you master the art of controlled braking and bring home the gold

1) Understand the Racing Line

First you must start with the fundamentals. A racing line is the quickest arc through a corner turn on a track that can be driven.

The goal is to drive the racing line with as much speed as possible in the ‘braking zone’ and into the next straight. The arc depends heavily on several factors:

  • the sharpness of the corner
  • the length of the following straight is
  • The type of car that is being driven

2) Know the Braking Point

Remember the Braking Zone? Well the Braking Point is done in this zone. It is the position you begin to hit your brakes before reaching the corner.

This part is subject to the previous factors as well as your savvy at maintaining the grip. No kind of carbon ceramic brakes will make this more effective until you hit it at the right point.

3) When to Hit the Turn-In Point

Now is the Turn-In Point: the point where you finally begin to turn the corner. This a build up to the Apex, and if not executed effectively can mess up everything else.

If you turn too early you will hamper your exit speed for later, too late and it will impair your speed within the actual turn. Therefore the Turn-In Point is arguably the most crucial part of the process

4) The Apex Turn

Also known as the Clipping Point, this then your actually inside the corner, and the easiest part of the entire process. Look for the curb as the cue for where to know where the apex must be done.

5) The Final Exit Point

The exit point is when the car reaches the outside part of the track again.

Coming out of the apex, increase the throttle. But be sure to adjust your steering, otherwise you will ruin all your previous work on your perfect racing line. After that, you will be free to continue the course

Master Controlled Braking

You’re back in the last lap on the final bend. But this time, the bend won’t beat you because you have now mastered the art of controlled braking.

You hit the braking point, execute a fantastic turn in, and reach the apex. The exit point is seamless into the last straight, meanwhile your closest competitor is firmly in your dust. You’ve won.

This dream can be reality, so get out there and start racing. For other great articles like this one, be sure to browse the rest of our blog.