While moving to any other city or country, besides your luggage, you also need to plan for transporting your car through certain safe shipping company. Sending through any professional shipping company will be the best idea to send your car in a safe manner.

However, before you ship a car through a reliable transporting company like https://www.shipacarinc.com/ you must prepare the following checklist.

    1. Do little research

First and foremost, thing to do is locating any reliable car shipping company by searching all available resources that are at your disposal.

    2. Select best shipping method which suits you

Choose the best method to ship your car based on your budget and comfort. You can either send your car through an open transport or an enclosed transport.

    3. Select suitable time for meeting with Transport Company

It is important to have a meeting with the representative of the company and therefore spare your time, so that you can freely discuss all your points.

    4. Read carefully all the terms and conditions

Make sure, you read carefully all the finer points of the terms and conditions, so that there are no surprise waiting for you, when the final settlement of bills is to be done.

    5. Check for insurance coverage

Make sure that the shipping company that you have chosen has valid insurance papers with them, which is very essential while selecting any shipping company.

    6. Prepare duplicate of all your car keys

You have to submit a set of all keys of your car to the shipping company, as it is a mandatory requirement and hence ensure that you have got it readily available.

    7. Ensure that car is empty

Check that everything is originally supplied by the car manufacturer is in your car. Also you must remove any security appliance and music system.

    8. List out all damages of your car

Make a List of all the cosmetic damages that are present in your car so that there may not be any dispute about it, while receiving your car back.

    9. Retain your inspection report

Make sure, you retain a copy of the inspection report that was jointly prepared by you along with the shipping company.

    10. Take a picture

It will also be a good idea to take picture of your car from different angles, which will also act as evidence about the condition of your car before handing them over.

    11. Check the battery

Check the condition of your car battery and preferably it must be charged, so that you are able to drive your car while receiving it.

    12. Check the condition of tire

Also, check the condition of the tire and preferably take a photograph too, so that you can compare it when you receive your car.

   13. Check for any mechanical issues

Ensure that car has no mechanical issues.

   14. Close all fluid leaks

Preferably close all fluid leakages.

    15. Fold all the side mirrors

Make sure that both the side mirrors are folded when you hand over your car to the shipping company.