If there’s a way to increase horsepower on your car, would you do it?

You know you want it, even though your car is fine as it is now. Having more power is never a bad thing and it’s not just the fun factor. It’s also about reducing your travel time so you can have a more efficient day and having greater towing reliability if your work demands it.

Also, without a doubt, if you love driving, more horsepower equals more fun!

However, one thing gets in the way of the fun and that’s the question of money. Most people think that it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg to upgrade the horsepower.

Is it though? While some modifications do cost thousands of dollars, it’s possible to improve horsepower on a budget. Here are five cheap and easy ways to increase horsepower.

  1. Install a Cold Air Intake (CAI)

A cold air intake, such as a K&N intake, is a quick, cheap, and easy way of coaxing more horsepower from your car. If you ask any car enthusiast, this is often their first recommendation.

What is it? A CAI is an aftermarket assembly that allows your car’s engine to “breathe” better. Think of it as replacing a normal person’s lungs with a runner’s lungs.

What it does is it helps pull in cooler air. The idea is that cold air is denser and packs in more oxygen for combustion. More combustion translates directly into power.

  1. Use a High-Performance Exhaust System

This operates on the same concept that getting more air into the engine can boost horsepower. While a CAI focuses on how to suck air better, an aftermarket exhaust improves how the engine expels air after combustion.

It’s a different approach but works just as well. The faster you can get the exhaust gases out, the faster you can get fresh air in.

  1. Increase Horsepower With a High-Flow Catalytic Converter

While the catalytic converter is good for the environment, it’s often the most restrictive part of your exhaust. It’s like breathing with a mask on. You won’t feel it if you’re just walking but try running with it on and you’ll be gasping for air quickly.

If it’s legal in your state, get a high-flow cat converter for more horsepower. Tack on an aftermarket cat-back exhaust for best results.

  1. Replace or Reflash Your Car’s Computer

Today, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything without a computer chip in it. Modern cars are the same with a CPU that handles timing, fuel-air mixture, and other performance inputs.

By reprogramming or replacing the factory chip, you can tweak how the engine operates. You’ll see some respectable gains depending on the engine.

  1. Don’t Cheap Out on Oil

Quality engine oil can do wonders for your car. It can greatly reduce friction and heat for better efficiency. A smooth-running engine is a fast engine.

Also, switching to a high-performance synthetic oil has the added advantage of prolonging the lifespan of your car parts.

Ready to Make It Happen?

It’s not out of reach to wish for a faster and more powerful vehicle. Follow these tips on how to increase horsepower cheap and easy so you can have all the fun on the open road!

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