Mazda is a brand name in the industry of automotive that has always made its contribution in inventing newer technologies. The aim of Mazda has always been helping people have a better driving experience. In recent times, when automotive industry has joined hands with the internet technology, a brand like Mazda had to offer something yet more advanced. That’s where we get to see the next-generation car connectivity system launched by the brand that conjoins safety and convenience with the help of smartphone technology while driving your Mazda car.

This new in-car communication system is named as Mazda Connect in tune with Aha services wherein a variety of website applications along with their allied services will be enabled that will further be linked and integrated with your smartphone.

The staff serving at the Moreno Valley Mazda demonstrated to us how this in-vehicle software in Mazda cars can be updated time to time to support all the additional functionalitiesin tune with the evolution of advanced smartphone operating systems.Sopractically, Mazda makes sure, that you will always stay up-to–date.

HMI of the Next-Generation

AnHMI developed under the shades of Mazda focused on the requirements of the drivers of next-generation. With this Mazda introduced its unique Heads-Up Cockpit concept that sets its primary focus on safety by helping the drivers maintain a stable and comfortable driving position that will not induce fatigue even after long hours of driving, while Mazda Connect will route them through the safest driving options by providing them the really relevant pieces of information.

So, if your Mazda car is integrated with Mazda Connect you will find the following features enabled to guide you through the safest driving route:

The human-centered design of the software displayed through 7-inch center display sits at a height on the dashboard for easier visibility. It aims to minimize every kind of probable distraction including manual, visual and cognitive.

The simple cockpit will be equipped with different types of information and a Command controller that is strategically designed in a way that one can operate it entirely onlythrough tactile feeland voice-recognition. This is made in order to keep the driver’s attention stay on the road instead of on the display monitor.

The Active Driving Display on the other hand projecting all the important information above the meter hood likespeed of the vehicle and turn-by-turn navigation instructions.

Intelligent Drive Master

The technical staff whom we discussed the Mazda Connect concept at the Moreno Valley Mazda dealer also explained that Mazda Connect is also integrated with Mazda’s own concept of “intelligent driving”. They further added that at Mazda, they consider “intelligent driving” is all that mechanisms that ae engineered in order to increase the pleasure index of driving, making it more of a fun for the driver and passengers as well. But that’s not all. Mazda’s Intelligent Driving working in tune with Mazda Connect also improves the vehicle’s fuel economy as it almost forces the driver to adopt the best driving techniques and implement the mostintelligent driving inputs.