The invention of modern cars has affected humanity in many ways. Traveling became faster and more efficient, which changed our lives drastically. According to, in 2010 the number of cars in the world reached 1 billion and has been growing since. Cars are essential for many of us, yet, the experience of driving a vehicle can also be improved with the help of some gadgets and handy tools. So let’s take a look at 4 great gadgets for your vehicle that will be extremely helpful for you!

1.  Key Tracker

We spend most of our days mindlessly as if we’re on autopilot. Because of this we sometimes put things where they are not supposed to be by accident or even worse we just lose them. This can be very frustrating, especially if you’ve lost your car keys and are in a rush.

However, there is a simple and inexpensive way to avoid this problem. By attaching a Key tracker to your keys and connecting it to your phone, you can always know for sure where you put your keys and this will save you a lot of hassle in the future.

2.  Heads Up Display

There are so many tools for cars nowadays. However, as useful as they can be, having all of them might be a waste of space as well as money. Luckily, a Head Up Car Display is a combination of a number of devices in one. The main purpose of this gadget is projecting information onto the windshield of the car and is often called HUD. The data can vary greatly from music to phone calls to GPS HUD.

This tool can be very convenient as most of the information displayed on the dashboard or your phone can be easily transmitted there. Also because you don’t have to look away from the road with the help of a car HUD, you can always be attentive in case of any critical situation.

3.  Portable Charger

Nowadays, everyone from young children to elderly people has a smartphone. During the last years, these gadgets have become not only a large part of our lives but also a lifestyle of sorts. However, considering how much we rely on our phones for daily activities, there is a high possibility that the battery might die throughout the day. This can become a great inconvenience if you want to make a call, or have important information that you need on your phone. That’s why every driver needs a portable charger in their vehicle.

4.  Dash Camera

A Dash Camera is a camera that is placed on the dashboard of a vehicle and is created to be a recording camera in case anything happens. This might not seem useful to those who consider themselves great drivers that are always considerate of their safety and the safety of others. Yet, dash cameras can help in cases when a different driver accidentally hits your car and leaves without leaving any information. This is a very common occurrence and to protect yourself from such situations you need to always know what is happening to your car. There are numerous dash cameras on the market with varying prices and you can always pick what suits your needs and budget.

To conclude, use these four tools to make driving much more enjoyable for you.