Half of the battle of owning a car is trying to make it last without having to pay out for eye-watering repair costs. Luckily, this can mostly be avoided by maintaining your vehicle partially on your own, and with some assistance from a garage, to prolong the life of your car. Whether it’s brand new or a decade old, the way you care for your vehicle will determine its lifespan. So let’s take a look at how you can keep your car working for as long as possible.

Oil Change 

The oil is the essential liquid that lubes and helps to cools the engine and all its intricate parts. However, any oil just won’t do, it needs to be clean oil, and free from the debris and dirt that over time gradually turns pure oil into sludge. Dirty oil will only serve to cause problems for your engine. At first, the efficiency begins to deteriorate, and then over time, the worst-case scenario is likely to strike – engine failure. You can take a look at your manufacturer’s warranty to see how often you should get your oil changed. For instance, for some cars, an oil-change is advised at every 3,000 miles.

Repair Early 

It might seem like a good idea now to put off repairs that you know your car needs in a bid to save a bit of money. But, this will only mean you need to pay a much larger bill later on when the components of the car no longer need fixing but replacing entirely. If you catch problems with your vehicle early, you will have some time to search for alternative, cost-effective ways to repair your vehicle, that doesn’t resort in taking your car to a manufacturer-approved garage (one word – expensive). For example, if Peugeot parts are what you need, but buying them from the manufacturer is proving too costly, why not consider a breakers yard? Here you can find perfectly good working parts that are made for your vehicle, with a price tag that doesn’t break the bank.

Wash On Wax Off 

A clean car is a pleasant car to look at and sit inside, but this is not the only reason why keeping a shiny car is essential. Hand washing or taking your vehicle to the nearest car wash will remove the buildup of dirt that can damage and scratch the surface of your car and potentially lead to rusting. Waxing your car is crucial to provide a shiny protective coating that will protect it from dust and salt that will attack the exterior.

Tyre Checks 

Tyres have the difficult task of rolling across the harsh roads, rubble, and potholes daily, with that in mind, checking they are pumped up regularly is essential. You can check your manufacturer’s guide to see the recommended air pressure your tyre needs. As tyres are the link between your car and the road, uneven wheels spell disaster for the components of your vehicle, as the vehicle will rest largely on some wheels more than others, meaning the car is consistently out of line. Not only this but your car will drive a lot smoother when the tyres are full, and the vehicle will be more fuel-efficient too.