There has always been a debate on how often should we change the spark plugs of a vehicle.Knowing the crucial role it plays in the combustion engine, that can influenceall the functionalities ofit starting from acceleration to affecting the fuel efficiency rates. Needless to say, that only with proper care we can make the spark plugswork longer and make the engine perform at its best.but we can acquire such technical knowledge only from a qualified technician in the automotive field, hence we had to consult the most experienced team of mechanics wo serve at one of the most reputable Chevrolet service center outlets.

The Benchmark of Intervals

To know the frequency or intervals between changing the car’s Spark plugs, the most reliable source is your car’s owner’s manual. Though there will be a list of recommended interval spans ideal for the replacement, in average the replacement is recommended to be done in every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

Spark plugs are equally important as motor oil, fuel and air filters that are susceptible to wear and tear over the time. They require routine service,regular maintenance and timely replacement. It is one of those components that keep your car engine stay strong and perform with vigor. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend the spark plugs to be replaced once the vehicle has driven a minimum of 30,000 miles to a maximum distance of 50,000 miles. but these numbers might vary depending upon the age of the vehicle, the frequency and kind of drive it has been through and to some extent on the driving habits as well. For example, after an occasion of severe driving, like every other part, even the spark plug  needs to be inspected, maintained and if necessary, replaced.

However, in some newer vehicles including cars, SUV’s and trucks, they are using advanced ignition systems that might make the replacement of the spark plug not necessary anymore. But again, irrespective of the  warranties or manufacturing claims, like any other mechanismthere can be situations that can make a spark plug wear out or simply fail to perform.

So what are the symptoms or conditions you should consider as signs of a bad spark plug that needs an immediate replacement? Well, we are listing them down right here.

Ignoring this time frame and postponing the changing of the Spark plugs will lead to various engine problems like

  • Misfiring,
  • Poor acceleration
  • Noisy and shaky idling
  • Engine failing to start
  • Not changing the Spark plug in time will also lead to decrease in fuel efficiency that will anyway cost you much more than the replacement.

The Bottom Line

As per the suggestions of the Seaside Chevrolet service center mechanical team, irrespective of the issue, being protective about spark plug maintenance can never be considered as overdoing. On the contrary, that is one of the best way to extend the lifespan of your engine making it capable of crossing hundreds and thousands of miles ahead.