To stay ahead of the heavy-hitting competition, when every automaker is busy making each of their models a standout in its class, Chevy focused more on making its flagship model Equinox a safer vehicle to ride in. With the 2020 year launch, Chevrolet equipped its entire lineup of Equinox with a handful of technology updates as well as changes, which is almost entirely focused on standardizing its safety features. But surely that’s not all. Things also got better inside the cabin as well as under the hood, leveraging the overall value of this Chevy crossover in many ways.

Visit any Chevy showroom like that of the Rupert Chevrolet dealer, and you’ll find every trim model of 2020 Chevrolet Equinox standing with an added layer of confidence, that can arise only from the sense of security embedded within.

What Got Better with 2020?

Check out what got better forthe 2020 year lineup of Chevrolet Equinox.

Safety Front

In the safety front, Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Automatic Braking and Forward Collision Alert got included in the list of standard safety features on all 2020 Equinox models. Both these features will work in tune with yet another safety tech, which they call it asFollowing Distance Indicator that will alert the driver, whenever your Equinox will cross the minimum safe distance between it and the car that is driving ahead.

The Lane Keep Assist that helps the driver to maintain the original lane in order to avoid any collision from the following cars, will first alert the driver with a Lane Departure Warning sound, the moment the car tends to drift away from its original way unintentionally, that is, without turning on the turn signal.

To increase visibility, Chevrolet has introduced in the 2020 Equinox a pair of IntelliBeam headlamps that increases its brightness and decrease it too, depending upon the natural brightness of the roads or the streetlights.

All these made the 2020 edition of Chevrolet Equinox a safer crossover, as its previous year modelscould offer these features only in optional packages.

Under the Hood

Flavored in four trim levels, namely, the L, LS, LT and Premier, the 2020 model year edition of Chevrolet Equinox now will also move with more power and elegance on all roadsurfaces. The buyers will get the opportunity to choose from two capable engine options, that will count a turbocharged 1.5L LYX inline four-cylinder engine anda2.0L LTG turbocharged inline four-cylinder. While the former engine will get to drive the 2020 Equinox models with 170 horsepower at its disposal, the latter can dominate the traffic line with 252 of horsepower roaring under its hood.

The change we saw this year under the hood of the 2020 Chevrolet Equinox at the showroom of Rupert Chevrolet dealership, is that, the previous year modelsof Chevrolet Equinox that drove with a 1.6L LH7 turbodiesel inline four-cylinder engine will no longer be seen to join the 2020 lineup. Coming to the transmissions, there will either be a six-speed automatic transmission to mate the gas engines or a new GM-make nine-speed automatic transmission to pair the higher capacity engine in the 2020 lineup of Chevrolet Equinox.