Mazda has announced their “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030,” campaign that speaks about a new long-term vision for the automotive industry in terms of technology development that should start much before of the year 2030, specifically on August 2017.

At Tempe Mazda, we came to know that the original “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” concept of vision was announced by Mazda in 2007, when the company started offering in its models both the pleasure of driving and a fascinating score of maintaining environmental balance, revving performance and highly advanced road safety measures.

The Vision of Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 in Brief

Mazda wanted to spread the awareness across the globe especially to the car manufacturers and users, that cars need to be sustainable enough to run without depleting natural resources. At the same time they should be safe to be driven on road and keep people around it equally safe. But the primary focus was creating a sustainable environment for the planet we live in. hence the vision concept of Mazda “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” vision comprises of the following ideas.

On Earth

Mazda wanted to enhance their conservation initiatives and create a long-term sustainable future for both people and car coexisting with each other in a beautiful and bountiful planet we call as earth.

For this, Mazda promised to expand their measures for reducing carbon dioxide emission and treat this issue with a “well-to-wheel” perspective by 50% before we reach the year 2030, and it should aim reaching 90% of emission reduction by the year 2050.

Internal Combustion Engine, Effective Electrification Technologies, Electric Vehicles and other electric drive technologies would be used in Mazda cars to achieve this goal.

For the Society

Through cars Mazda wants to build up a society that can be protected with the assurance of road safety and only then people can have peace of mind. The motif behind Mazda’s “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” vision is to enrich the lives of people by introducing unrestricted mobility  for everyone and everywhere.

Mazda urged the automotive industry to focus more on developing advanced safety technologies while it initiated the same under the Mazda’s  Proactive Safety philosophy, that worked towards the elimination of traffic accidents.

Mazda’s own i-ACTIVSENSE is the first step from the brand towards its “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” concept materialization that included latest innovation of advanced safety features, that can detect minutest potential risk hazards.

For the People

At the Tempe Mazda dealership, we were explained by the experts how Mazda delves deeper than the apparent surface of issues. Mazda’s consistent pursual of achieving mental satisfaction while driving was much more than mere driving pleasure.

So Mazda kept inventing more human-centered technologies that promote development of self-driving concept. That was to ensure that even in unexpected driving situations, line in the event of sudden unconsciousness of the driver, the car will take up the role of the driver, start slowing down the car of its own, apply the brakes, automatically start contacting  the roadside emergency services and keep driving safely till reaching the most appropriate destination.