Spray painting your car or any other vehicle is however might not be as easy as it seems, particularly for the first-timers. If you are going to take the task in your own hand, don’t forget to consider the following:Needless to say, your car is a valuable possession. Ask any car owner about the maintenance of his car or even a coat of repainting, you will find so many unanswered questions running around in her or his head. Taking into account the repainting of your own car instead of getting professional help might be the only way to save a lot of money, which in turn can be a big motivating factor.

  1. Getting the job done at your own with ease and comfort involves having the right kind of accessories readily available in hand.
  2. The basic supplies needed for spray painting sourced from reputed spray can manufacturersinclude spray paint cans in the choice of color chosen, spray gun, spray rust killer and primer, fluorescent paint (if adventurous!), newspaper, masking tape, sanding paper, car was and Goggles.
  3. Give your car a thorough wash particularly to the exterior surface with clean water and mild soap and wait until gets dried.
  4. Remove all the fixtures from the interior without fail.
  5. You can make use of a closed well-lit and properly ventilated garage or any other open space with access to air and light.
  6. The surface of the car must be very carefully scrubbed with a high quality sandpaper to wipe out the old paint.
  7. Use always finer sandpaper for removing scratches and any other sign of corrosion.
  8. Fill all minor gaps with good quality putty and let it get dried before painting while leaving all exterior smooth.

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