Who doesn’t want a sports car?

Revenue in the sports car industry is skyrocketing. According to Flynn Audi, the Audi S5 is a popular sports car.

Before you go out and buy your own sports car, there are a few things you should know.

  1. Cost More Than a Regular Vehicle

It’s no surprise to the average car fan, but sports cars tend to cost more. Lamborghini and Ferrari are two top sports car brands.

Lamborghinis cost about $200 thousand dollars on average. They’re an Italian make and considered luxurious. Ferraris are a little more expensive.

They cost around $330 dollars.

You may be wondering what the difference is between these two luxury vehicles.

The Ferrari vs Lamborghini is a question a lot of people wonder when buying a sports car. It depends on what you’re looking for in a car. Ferraris rely on dynamic edges whereas a Lamborghini’s shape is round.

Not only do the cars themselves cost more, but the accessories and must-haves also cost more, too. Essentials like tires cost more for luxury cars like a Lamborgini.

  1. Sticky Tires

Replacing the tires of your sports car costs more than your average vehicle. Tires for sports cars tend to have larger and wider wheels. These help the vehicle grip the road better.

The compound used in tires costs more, too. Many sports car owners want the best from their tires — including grip. Vehicle manufacturers fix wheels for sports cars with a sticky tire compound. This helps the tires grip the road with more precision.

The compound is soft, but that carries consequences. The softer the compound, the less time the tires last. You can’t get as much mileage out of soft tires.

Since you won’t get as much out of your sports car’s tires, you’ll replace them more often. These tires are low-profile, meaning, you can focus on steering.

But they cost more than regular tires… but that’s no surprise. The size also increases the price of the tires for your sports car. The more rubber over your wheels, the higher the cost.


Replacing the tires on your sports car costs a little extra because they’re lightweight. Your breaks and brake pads are larger as well. Sports car manufacturers often use lightweight material light aluminum.

Lightweight parts for your sports car often cost more… so that ups the price of your vehicle.

  1. Appearance and Attention

Everyone wants a sports car because they look cool… right? Many studies prove strangers judge your appearance based on the car you drive.

According to this theory, if you drive a sports car, you’ll get more attention. Many people want to know the make and model of your vehicle.

Sports cars often attract the attention of guys rather than girls. Men care more about the transmission and whether how your car drives than appearance. This doesn’t apply to all men or women.

Likewise, if you’re introverted, don’t buy a sports car because it’ll attract attention.

Sports Cars for the Win

If you want to buy a sports car there are a few things to keep in mind. Tires for sports cars are wider and tend to cost more, too. Sports cars are built for easy movement and to are lightweight while driving.

Owning a sports car might boost your confidence and make you look good to strangers.

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