When you get your car and adorn it with very smooth paint and facelift, the car almost dazzles. But you need to make sure that the appearance lasts and your paint remains intact. To increase the longevity of the car’s appearance, you need to put in some additional investment during the assembly. You might constantly question if it is worth it but here are the advantages that would ensure that this investment is really necessary for the long run.

It is invisible

When you are applying a paint protection film over the newly painted surface, it will be transparent and will not be noticeable. It is thin and will give the required protection. Modern films are even lasting and durable and do not have any bulky thickness. They are mostly 0.0008 inches thick and they can block even less than 0.1% of the light that reaches the paint surface.

Customizable as per needs

The films are very easy to apply to specific target areas of the vehicles. They have the die-cut feature, anti-chipping feature, or the ability to wrap the entire body panels. They can be applied to any space you call for without wrapping the entire body.

Hydrophobic properties

The paint protection films are hydrophobic. If any liquid or contaminants land on the surface of the film, they will bead up and automatically run off. This performs the task of waxed hoods. It gets very easier to keep the paint appealing and lustrous when the cover repels everything right from water, dirt, mud, oils, streaks, and smudges.

Extended vehicle life

The wear and tear of the vehicles over time, gradually lead its value to depreciate. The vehicle’s mechanical properties and appearance are also degraded massively. By applying a paint protection film, you ensure that your vehicle’s youth is retained and sudden impacts are blocked. A film is going to repel the debris, rocks, sand, or other identical chips, abrasion, and scratches. This will keep the body as it is. There are many self-healing films available too.

Easier alternative

There are options of ceramic coating available and that is also a very common solution for protecting the paint. But this option is far messier and requires expensive equipment. There can be inefficiencies occurring and hence PPF is ready to go solution.

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