Owning UTV (Utility task vehicle) or an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) is a worthwhile investment you will never regret. These are innovative vehicles you will fall in love with and fancy to ride all year long. They are powerful, not expensive to ride off the roads, enjoyable, convenient, and easier to maintain. 

One key feature of your dream vehicle to keep in mind is the types of tires to invest in and fancy. The good news? You can always shop here for high-quality, budget-friendly, and durable tires. 

An Overview of ATV and UTV Tires

An ATV is a common choice among many single riders who want to spend time on and off the road. Compared to UTV, an excellent choice for utility applications, an ATV is smaller. 

Many riders use ATVs for racing as they are faster and maneuverable in tight spaces. They can only accommodate one passenger and be challenging to control. 

A rider must saddle the seat while maintaining balance to control the vehicle effectively. At the same time, you have to ensure your driving safety by wearing helmets, boots, and gloves.  

With a UTV, you have a vehicle with multiple seats where two people can sit side by side. These vehicles are a favorite choice for many riders because of their load durability, larger frames, and unmatched driving safety. You can transport huge loads with your UTV comfortably and safely. 

Choosing the Best Tires for Your UTV or ATV

You will need the best tires for your ATV or UTV to meet your needs. It is a significant investment, and you must pick top-notch tire designs in the market. At all times, be considerate, do your research, consult widely, and find a type that satisfies your needs.

There are considerations to make and get a top-pick tire design. Have a look:

  1. Get the Size Right 

The size of the tires you get is imperative. They also come in different sizes compared to other tires in the market. Some people assume that ATV or UTV tires are standard with the engine size. 

ATV and UTV tire sizes comprise three main numbers. You will find the numbers on the sidewall by checking the tires you have mounted on your vehicle. These numbers are basically:

  • The tire height
  • The tire width 
  • The rim diameter in inches

It’s advisable to check the available designs and recommendations in the market. There is a wide range of tire sizes, but it’s best to go for what you want and stay within the recommendations. Maintaining the same size ratio between tires fitted on the front and rear of the vehicle is essential. 

  1. Know the Terrain Type 

Where you will be riding the vehicle is crucial. UTVs and ATVs can easily surmount versatile terrains. The terrain type will help determine the tread patterns. Consider whether you will ride the vehicle in sandy terrain, deep mud, or all-purpose terrain.

  1. Bias Ply or Radial Design

Radial and bias-ply are the main tire designs for your UTV or ATV. They also determine where and how to use the tires. Radial tires are a good option if you want to handle high-speed pressure and reduce road disturbances. A bias ply is the best choice if your vehicle requires higher load durability and has slower performance. 

  1. Manufacturer of the Tire

Consider the manufacturer of the ATV or UTV tires you find in the market. Tires produced by reputable manufacturers are high-quality and will meet your needs. 

  1. Price

The cost of tires is determined by their quality, durability, brand, construction, uses, and where you use it. Always feel free to compare the price of tires from one dealer to another and go for budget-friendly designs. 

To Wrap Up

Choosing the best ATV or UTV tires shouldn’t be daunting if you know where to start. Research extensively and go for a design you like or find effective. A reliable shop will narrow down the available tire designs and make it easy to search by looking at their sizes, brands, and types. Feel free to consult experts in stuck.