Scooty are popular for personal transportation due to being easier to operate and more convenient to park. Normally, a scooty is more convenient for women. If you are planning to buy the best scooty for short height girl, there is a demand for buying and selling the used scooty. With the availability of scooty in a good condition. Many of the people are buying the used scooty to save money. Here are some tips to remember while buying a used scooty that are listed below:

Purpose of scooty for you

The used scooty selection needs to be analyzed based on a purpose that you are going to use it. If you are searching for daily usage then you should but the used scooty which will give you good mileage and it requires low maintenance. Otherwise, if you are buying for trips in the evening or weekends you may consider the luxury scoot which may give you the rev powerful engine sound and you don’t worry about mileage. Choosing any one from the top 10 scooty in second Hand is a little bit difficult but it will help you to judge the good one that suits you.

Checking the scooty

You can judge the condition of the bike by the look and know if that bike has been used properly or not. It is very important to inspect the bike during the good daylights hour. Because in nighttime light often hides the potential trouble spots. Better get an expert opinion about the Scotty who has decent knowledge about bikes in case you are new to the bike world. There are two important checks required while purchasing the used scooty. They are:

  • Mechanical check
  • Paper-work check

Mechanical check

Scratch marks: In busy cities, scratch marks are inevitable due to some congested driving and parking places. Scratch marks here or some other places are acceptable but make sure that the scratch is not deeper or visible open at any place of scooty as it may damage an overall look and cost you for repair.

Check engine: Turn the ignition on for the scooty and check the engine for any smoke coming out. Mainly, listen to the engine sound and if there are any vibrations can tell you the health of the engine of your scooty.

Oil check: Remove a dipstick and check the engine oil, if the oil looks dark brown in colour  and feels rusty then need to change it immediately. Check the level of oil on the dipstick if there is any sufficient oil.

Paperwork check

RC book: the engine and plate number on the bike should match a number that is mentioned in the registration certificate. Colour of scooty mentioned, the number of owners etc and other information that needs to be checked by referring to the Registration Certificate book.

Valid insurance: Check if the scooty has the valid insurance and third party insurance is mandatory by law. The comprehensive insurance is recommended to own vehicle damage against the natural and man-made disasters.

Final thoughts

Therefore, these are certain things to keep in mind while buying the used scooty. Follow the above-mentioned tips and get the best one.