This means participating in a federal recycling program for old cars. Currently, 66 models can be purchased under the recycling program. What is the essence of this federal project? Other authorities are trying to interpret the recycling program as a kind of magical tool that can instantly clean our yards of iron trash and improve the environment. Well, it’s just now fashionable to drag the environment to any situation. From the Tony’s Auto wreckers you can have the smart options.

Annually, more than thousands of cars are decommissioned, and they may become a business for recycling old cars.

  • Therefore, the processing of obsolete cars in UK is very responsible. An old car is considered a potential source of environmental pollution, as it contains chemical and petroleum products, as well as metals that is dangerous to human health and wildlife. It should be noted that Europeans are very sensitive to nature it is in Europe that the most stringent environmental requirements are imposed, and UK is no exception.
  • It’s impossible to throw a car in UK just like that – it must be handed over to the reception center for old cars. However, in order for a commercial organization to be able to engage in this type of activity, it must necessarily obtain a license. In addition, the work of such organizations is tightly controlled.


In the case of purchases made outside the country, Idec understands that if the manufacturer brand operates in the national market, it must assume the Brazilian legislation for all its relations, including those of consumption. This means that, even if the product purchased abroad is not manufactured or sold here, the company has responsibilities and obligations to the Brazilian consumer.

Thus, in the event of a defect, the supplier must provide assistance, even if it is necessary to send the product outside the country for repair, if there is no technical labor or replacement parts in Brazil. From the Tony Car wreckers you can have the be specific options now.

This is a terrible problem because these chemicals can destroy plant life, pollute groundwater sources, kill or harm wildlife, and more. These effects can have lasting effects on people in the area for many years. The list of possible consequences of improper battery disposal is almost endless, so it is important to know the safest ways to dispose of used car batteries. Do it, and you can do everything to protect the well-being of our planet and even make money fast.

Recycle them into a reputable scrap metal company

When a car battery needs to be replaced, there are several options for handling an old battery. The recommended way is to send it to a scrap metal recycling company, which is profitable, and you will soon see why. They have the appropriate training, permits and resources for the safe handling and disposal of car batteries and much more. Almost all parts and components of a used car battery can be reused. For example, not only lead can be recycled, but also plastic components can be recycled for new purposes.