When our car stops behaving its usual way, we surrender to the auto professionals by taking our car to an auto repair shop. But it must be ringing in your mind several times, how do the experts find out what’s wrong with your car, that you couldn’t?  well, that’s not really any magic, but purely a clear understanding of the parts and their functionalities, that the mechanics are able to diagnose what got impaired and where.

The auto mechanics of the Maple Shade auto repair shared that they too follow the same procedure of doctors who rely a lot on the symptoms. Every vehicle run on certain mechanisms that are thoroughly known by the professionals. So, the symptoms a vehicle can show can’t be alien to them. They would eventually guess the causes of each and every system, verify them one by one, and repair or replace the one that visibly looks damaged.

Though a single article won’t be able to make you well versed with all the symptoms and cure for the ill health of your car, you can have an overall idea, about what could have gone wrong with your car, by observing the symptoms. This will also help you at the auto body shop, as you’ll be prepared in advance for the kind of repair your car will undergo and how much it can cause.

Furthermore, there are some malfunctioning that you can repair yourself, saving all the money to go to an auto repair shop, if you have that knack for vehicles. But you can’t do them all. if you find the following symptoms in your car, you must visit the auto repair shop as early as possible, to avoid further damages. If you need a locksmith help for your car then you can go for whiz locksmith.

Your Car Smells of Gas:

The issue can be because of a faulty gas cap or an issue with the fuel system. So, place the gas cap properly or replace it, if you see it is broken. If the problem doesn’t cure even then, then it is better to take help of a professional.

Your Car Is Shaking, Pulsating or Vibrating Too Strong

The probable reasons why your car is shaking, pulsating or vibrating are:

  • Worn out spark plugs and wires,brake rotors,shocks or struts
  • Loosened or disconnected parts like the battery terminals, hoses that run around the engine, timing belt
  • Your car wheels are not aligned properly or gone out of balance

WhiteSmoke Emission

Though a little amount of white vapor emitting from the tailpipe of your car is normal, but persistent white smoke emitting in large quantity happens mostly because of either a coolant leak, or for the  following reasons:

  • The head gasket has blown away
  • The engine cylinder head got damaged
  • The engine blockhas cracked due to excessive heat

In any of these cases, the issue can only be resolved by a professional, suggested an experienced mechanic of the center of auto repair in Maple Shade.

Your Car Emits Rotten Egg Odor

Other than the apparent reasons like leftover food forgotten inside the car, or a dead rat, only the following reasons can be behind such nauseating smell.

  • The fuel pressure regulator or the filter is faulty, they need a replacement
  • Low-quality fuel that isn’t working well, as it is not suggested by your manufacturer. Changing the fuel can stop the smell.

But if your car is making weird noises, or not starting at all, the best way to get it back is consulting a certified mechanic or taking it to the auto repair shop.