In the process of growing children, learning to drive a car is certainly an important step. In fact it represents a decisive turning point towards independence in travel and more! It is therefore important for parents to teach their children to drive even before enrolling them in driving school. However, there are techniques to be followed in order for the teaching to be effective and for the rules to be followed to avoid being outlawed. Let’s see which ones.

And so, that little frog who you were holding in your arms just yesterday is one step away from taking your driving license. And if until yesterday you thought that, once of age, you would have slept soundly, it is likely that now you are changing your mind. You can have the Manchester Driving lessons also.

Most likely, you are already thinking that driving school is not enough to acquire the necessary driving safety in the midst of crazed traffic today. And here you feel you have a right / duty to make him do some extra lessons: not with the intention of replacing the instructor, but to offer you as a companion both to reduce the already expensive costs of the exams in question, and to put your child on comfortable with the highway code and – above all – with the patented people who crowd the urban and extra-urban roads.

Companion requirements

To be able to teach your child to drive, first make sure that you meet the legal requirements:

Your child must have a pink sheet (i.e. he must have already passed the theoretical exam for the driving license) and must be valid (i.e. the lessons must take place within 3 months from the release of the document)

  • you do not have to be over 60 (and if you have more than 65 you must “accompany” your child in a car with double pedals)
  • during the “lessons” in the car nobody should be present besides you and the newly-licensed future
  • you must have held a B license for at least 10 years (which is reduced to 5 if obtained in the USA or other European countries)
  • you must not have been subject to suspension of the license for the last 5 years
  • you (and obviously also your child) must respond to the psycho-physical conditions necessary to be able to start driving [art. 115 of the highway code]

In the used car the marking with the letter “P” (of “Practitioner”) must be displayed, both in the front and rear of the car.

Teaching to drive: useful tips

Needless to say, you will have to fill up with calm, patience and attention, without giving way to anxiety: your child needs a reassuring person by his side, who with a friendly tone knows how to make him sure of himself.