If you have a motorbike, car or another vehicle, then there are hurdles to pass to ensure that you are suitable for driving on UK roads. The major obstacle to overcome is, obviously, the MOT or Ministry of Transport test. 

It must be organised for your vehicle such as a car every year. In the Netherlands, this test is necessary on the fourth birthday of the car, while in the UK it is required on the third birthday.

Why MOT is very necessary?

Besides the performance and safety concerns, you can’t drive your car legally on the road if you don’t have any valid MOT certificate. Also, you can’t renew your road tax. There is a very high risk of being fined up to £1,000 if you don’t have a driving license.

If your car gets into an accident then MOT certificate could be asked. In case you don’t have the one then your insurance will be affected especially when there is an injury involved.

The MOT test system has been computerised by The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. It means that police petrol and mobile camera unit can check your MOT certificate status remotely and find out whether your car is linked with the current MOT certificate.

When can you apply for Your MOT?

When you realise that your MOT expires you can apply for the next test by contacting your local MOT Test Centre. This can be applied before the expiry of your MOT but it should be booked before a month before the expiry of your current MOT certificate.

The expiry date of your new MOT will be one year just, like your older MOT certificate.

MOT test refers to the ministry of transport test. However, the ministry of transport doesn’t exist now. But around 53000 qualified people can do this test in the United Kingdom.

It is not legal to drive the car without an MOT certificate unless you are going to MOT test which is prearranged or to fixed something which MOT has ordered. If you don’t have MOT then £1,000 fine can be charged to you.

If your car is new, then you must get an MOT registration by the 3rd anniversary of the vehicle in the UK.

Although, some new vehicles must be checked on their 1st anniversary. You can find out here the max amount you should give for an MOT and which vehicle need to be cheeked. 

You should not wait for the last date and try to have your vehicle tested as early as possible if you MOT is due leas then a month. For example, if your MOT certificate expires on May 15 then you should retest as early as possible and retain the same date for renewal next year is April 16.

To get the free reminder, you can subscribe us if your MOT certificate doesn’t expire. Before the test, we will send an email or text message to ensure that you don’t forget the date for the MOT test.

It is a very good option available because the National text reminder service of United Kingdom was discontinued in August 2014.