The condition of the chain

When checking the condition of the chain, it is necessary to consider the tension as well as if it is about to be worn out. For any automobile rider, the wheel chain is one of the fundamental parts to check as it plays a bigger role in the rotation of the wheels. In motorcycles the chain can be maintained by oiling or greasing as a way of minimizing wear due to friction due to rotation of the chain. If not taken care of properly, motorcycle chins can not only wear out but also can break leading to very fatal accidents which could have been avoided. It is therefore important o check the chain whether you are going out for a short or longer road trip.

Check the spark plugs

The spark plug is one of the essential motorcycle parts of the bike as it transfers the electric current due to ignition to the combustion chamber. This is necessary so as the fuel can be ignited to cause an effect. It is very essential to check out the plugs so that you can finish your trip safely and in time as they play a large role in terms of performance of the ride. For security purposes, it is also very necessary to have spares of the plugs within reach or in your spare bag as a recovery in case of unexpected breakdown.

Wheels and tyres

It is always good to ensure that wheels have got treads that provides enough friction between the tyre and the ground. This ensures that sliding is avoided and prevented at all costs during the ride of the motorbike. It is also important to make sure that the motorbike tyres are aligned in order to maintain balance. The tyres should also be correctly inflated and making sure that there are no punctures that may cause leakage. The wheels should also be correctly and firmly fitted in their position to enhance the motorcycle rider’s balance during the ride. The back wheel should also be aligned with the chain of the motorcycle.


A motorbike road trip is an exciting experience. With that said it doesn’t matter the distance of your ride whether it is a long-distance ride or else short-distance ride lubrication is the most significant factor either. Going through the engine oil before initiating your journey is really significant. To be surer this should be done by an expert to know if your engine is in good condition and whether it is suitable enough to sustain your ride. It is literally known that engine oil is a blood life of a motorbike. For the engine to run smoothly it bends low to needing a good condition of the lubricant.

Dressing to ride

Regardless of either it is a long-distance ride or a short distance ride wearing riding parts, ankle boots with an alternative of safety shoes, riding jacket and most necessary a full-face helmet is important. When completely and fully geared set for the ride at first you might feel heavy regarding on your perspective to it but once you leave being well conversant that you are riding safer makes you ride with fun.

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