During the meeting, review the plan created and assigns roles appropriate to each child’s age. Instead of sitting and just watching boxes and furniture being removed from their home, children can feel better about the process if they have any responsibility. Asking your children to rate toys and clothing for donation is also a good way to keep them busy. The truck removal process happens to be useful here.

Let the kids pack a box just for them

While you are packing all your change, kids may also want to get involved with the packaging. Ask them to pack a box of their favorite toys and books, and let them know that this is their own responsibility. 

To change without unforeseen events, you have to keep everything in order. If you have pets, consider leaving them for a few days with someone you trust or in a hotel so they won’t be so stressed out. By following the tips above, changing without unforeseen events becomes a simple and efficient task, saving you time, money and patience. Good change.

The more timely you plan your move, the better. Check out our tips so that everything goes well and nothing is random, or worse: back!

  1. Start by asking for quotes from transportation companies and schedule the date you want to move and ask prices for all services to understand what your next step is.

Today a good moving company has a range of services to offer you, as is our case: we take care of all disassembly of your furniture, packaging and packaging, with its own materials to avoid damage to its filling, transportation. to the new address and assembly .

  1. Whatever you have decided and agreed with the company, you should make a list of the things you want to take. Take this time to get rid of what doesn’t interest you: you can donate, sell or throw away what you don’t use, don’t need, or it’s broken. With the great advantage of carrying fewer things, it saves resources and space.
  2. If you have decided to hire full services, follow the moving company instructions and relax: they take care of everything, worry about the new decoration first, use your energy in the new address! go to point 5.
  3. If you have chosen to dismantle, pack and pack it the new House will have to wait. Materials you will need before you start packing:
  • Boxes, newspapers, tape, labels and markers to identify the boxes
  • Bubble wrap and film so that everything is well wrapped and has no breaks
  • Notes: Buy tough materials, cheap can be expensive.


Choose small or medium sized boxes, always put adhesive tape on the bottom so that they do not open, do not fill them with very heavy materials that make transport difficult or that can tear the boxes. Try not to exceed 20kg per box. For that you can make use of the Truck Removal Perth service now.