Car bulbs are a little part that plays a big role in your security! Consider driving without headlights at night. Isn’t it crazy? That’s exactly what will happen if your headlight bulbs were to go out.

If your bulb has gone out, whether you have HID lights or LED vehicle bulbs, it’s time to replace them. Otherwise, your safety is at stake, and you may be hauled over and punished by the police, which is never a pleasant experience.

But how would you change the bulbs in your car? It’s not some esoteric science only understood by mechanics! It’s rather simple, and you won’t even need any tools.

However, before you begin, double-check which automobile bulbs you require! You can’t just guess, after all! The best place to look is in your car’s handbook, which will reveal the bulb model installed. If you’re still not sure, take out one of the old bulbs and look at it; it might say the brand; you could also ask at your local auto shop or mechanic.

Identify the rear of the headlamp by opening the car’s bonnet. Three wires emerge from a plug that is triangular in design.

Disconnect the cables (wiring harness) as well as the plug that is linked to the bottom of the headlight bulbs. The plug may need to be unscrewed, unclipped, or simply pulled off, depending on the type.

Grasp the bottom of the bulb (where the plug was connected) and gently pull out the old bulb. If it’s still stuck in place, try moving or turning it gently to loosen it up.

It’s time to install the H4 LED headlight bulb, but before you do, remember that you must never touch any type of automotive bulb with your bare fingers. Any dust or oil left just on the surface can degrade their effectiveness and reduce their lifespan, so grab it with a clean towel or clean gloves and avoid contacting the glass at all costs.

Insert the new H4 LED headlight bulb into the slot where the old one was removed, making sure it is completely enclosed and flush with the rear of the headlight.

Reconfigure the bulb with the socket and double-check that any clips holding it all together are secure.

Switch on your gleaming new headlights!